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Moondrop: A fidget toy displaying gravity on the Moon

Moondrop is a gravity-defying fidget toy that imitates the free fall on Mars and the Moon. Crafted using amazing laws of physics, it has precisely calculated slider that falls at the same speed as you were dropping an object on the Lunar or Mars surface. Moondrop is created for fidgeters, science enthusiasts and anyone who loves cool gadgets.

fidget toy
Fidget toy

Made from Aerospace grade materials, Moondrop is a satisfying fidgeting toy. You can flip it, slide it, spin it and fidget in any way you like. It comes with a beautiful desktop stand to make it the perfect work desk companion.
fidget toy

Created with science in mind

Inspired by Space missions, Moondrop is made in three versions- Earth, Mars, and Lunar. Each of them reflects the specific gravity for you to compare the gravitational free across all three. It is a cool way to learn the physics laws and science of our universe. Feed your curiosity for gravity-defying movements by watching and feeling the process, instead of reading the theory and numbers.

fidget toy

How does the fidget toy work?

Moondrop is comprised of pure copper or aluminum ring, aluminum body, and strong neodymium magnets inside the thin aluminum tube.

fidget toy

Copper and aluminum are nonmagnetic materials but electricity conductors. As the ring slides along the aluminum tube, the magnets inside create magnetic fields generating an electric current in the ring. Based on Lenz’s law, this current produces an opposite magnetic field adding resistance to the ring and slowing down its movement. Different proportions between magnet and conductor can lead to different sliding speed.

How is it made?

Moondrop is manufactured with precision CNC machining to ensure the quality for every unit. The body is crafted from aerospace grade aluminum which is very durable and light weight. The slider is made from the same aluminum or pure copper depending for different options. Each aluminum part is anodized for surface protection.
fidget toy

How much does it cost? When can I buy it?

The Moondrop fidget toy is available for pre-orders on Kickstarter in either “Lunar” or “Mars” edition for £19, which translates to around $24. The delivery is scheduled for June 2017.

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