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OSSIC X: World’s most advanced 3D audio headphones

While watching 3D movies and playing 3D video games have become a part of our daily life, listening to a 3D audio piece may still sound classy. 3D audio effects are created by virtual sound sources in a three-dimensional space to mimic natural sounds we hear every day—behind, above, below, or essentially anywhere surrounding you. Thanks to OSSIC X, the world’s most advanced 3D audio headphones, you will soon be able to enjoy immersive, customized 3D sound effects with your favorite songs, movies, or video games right at home or on the go.

3D audio

OSSIC X pairs advanced 3D audio algorithms with instant calibration of the individual listener’s head and ear feature. This increases a sense of auditory space, improves sound quality, and acoustically recreates the way you hear the world every day—making for an incredible listening experience that’s ten times more immersive than current technologies.

How does OSSIC X work?

Everyone hears the world slightly differently based on their anatomy—position in space, head size, and ear shape.
3D audio

Traditional headphones don’t account for the listeners anatomy, providing small listening experience, where sound remains close to your head rather than around you as from OSSIC.

3D audio

The OSSIC calibration process starts as soon as you put the headphones on, and the data is instantly paired with smart algorithms to determine accurate sound playback based on your anatomy and position.

It has an important advantage compared to current 3D audio technology that either uses a “one-size-fits-all” approach or requires several hours of calibration in a million-dollar sound lab.

3D audio

Key features

3D audio

Other features include:

3D audio

What are the benefits?

Virtual reality

  • Increase sense of space.
  • Direct attention to elements outside your view for a more immersive experience.

3D audio


  • Accurately track object locations for a competitive advantage.
  • Boomless mic for continued audio communication.

3D audio

Movies and Music

  • Enjoy any movie theater audio experience from wherever you are.
  • Listen to any song from your collection on the best speaker setup money can buy.
  • Hear a concert from the best seats in your favorite concert hall.

3D audio

Timeline and prices

OSSIC is available for pre-order on Kickstarter until Apr 21, 2016. It offers three tiers of early bird rates at $199, $219, and $249 (compared to a $399 market rate), with shipping dates ranging from November 2016 to January 2017. Spots are only available for the third tier now. To learn more or pre-order, click the button below:



Pre-market feedback

This product has made a big splash on Kickstarter since its launch on Feb 23, 2016. It hit its 100 K goal within hours and has collected 1,550 K crowdfunding so far. Enthusiastic backers are all anxiously waiting for their shipments to arrive.

Are you ready for a 3D audio retreat? Leave a comment below.

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