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The Sunset-like Scene Created by Halo Edition

Human’s most primitive and direct perception of themselves and the world, always comes from nature.

Many artists take nature as their inspiration gallery. Olafur Eliasson has created a gigantic installation which in 2003 took a lot of space in Tate Modern, London. The Artist created a Duotone scene——a sun rising out of a mist.

△ The Weather Project 

Meanwhile, many brands and designers are inspired by the changing light and shade from sunset to dawn, which brings poetry into daily life.    

△ Founders of Mandalaki

Enrico De Lotto, George Kolliopoulous, Giovanni Senin and Davide Giovannardi

Halo Edition is an optical research project specialized in lighting and optical instruments for art installations. In 2020 Mandalaki launched a more powerful Giga and Line.  

The audience is impressed with the infinity and beyond of this installation. This project has presented the light and shade in the most romantic and artistic way.

Halo Edition is not only about lighting, it is a work of art. Through a precise design of color gamut and range, the projection creates infinite warmth and solace, which is exactly the conceptual source of Halo Edition.  

Halo collection features two different colors: Sunset Red and Deep Blue, both inspired by nature.

Warm and calm, Sunset Red comes from the lingering light of the setting sun.

Psychedelic and cold, Deep Blue creates a visual abyss.   

Halo ONE / EVO

Made of anodized aluminum, Halo One realizes a perfect projection of colors and shades and creates a thought-provoking scene: The sun never sets.

Compared to Halo ONE, Halo EVO adds flexibility to the light, which allows angle adjustment.

Halo BIG

Halo Big is taller than the former two projectors and features a flexible head allowing for different graphic patterns while extending the projection throw.

Halo Big allows artists to present their creation even on the ceiling.

Halo SKY

Halo SKY is a ceiling projector, and its enhanced LED light creates an intense projected image.

Halo UP

Halo UP can be set in different environments, the adjustable light of which is able to create endless compositions.  

As the most compact version of the whole collection, Halo UP has a smaller halo diameter, which is compatible with a more delicate presentation.


The amazing linear optic and light diffuser of Halo LINE creates an entirely different geometric composition.

Through a special optical system, Halo LINE presents the profundity of the universe and the warmth of fire, during which the audiences are connected with the ancient memory of human origin.  


Halo GIGA is the latest version of Halo Edition. It creates a projection of up to 10 meters in diameter in darkness, which is 5 times more powerful than Halo One.

Halo GIGA can be set outdoors or installed on the ceiling. It recreates the  gorgeous sunset in an open space, a perfect combination of science and art.  

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