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Modern, Vintage, Art Deco, Industrial Style——Mix and Match Interior

Stitching up the perfect textile combination is hard. Here is one stunning mix and match sample to boost your inspiration.

How many styles are contained in this apartment?

▲ Modern Sitting Room

How many styles are contained in this apartment? Modern sitting room, vintage bedroom, Art Deco bathroom, industrial study, and intensely personalized piano room.

▲Master Bedroom&Bedroom

It sounds rambling, but appears harmonious with this mix and match interior decor. The point is reaching a balance among various styles and finding the key word——Vintage.

▲ Neutral Study With A Table For Two

There are many styles, but none of them are particularly sexualized. SWEETRICE, the designer, stressed that “This is an all-gender space, which respects each others’ preferences. ”

▲ Art Deco Bathroom

To generate different styles, SWEETRICE adopted various colors in different spaces: Black-gray, blue, green, and the color of camel.


Except for colors, another key word for creating a stylish space is lighting. Colored walls will overshadow the ray of light, and the loss of light can be compensated by lighting.

SWEETRICE likes to collect all kinds of fancy lamps, which, in her mind, are the most important objects at home. Whether it’s the ceiling lamp, spot light, or the table lamp, they all play an irreplaceable role.

Here is one example of how important lighting is. With the lamps above the table to decorate the elegant dining room, having meals here therefore becomes ceremonial.  

Imagine you, in a gloomy afternoon, drink coffee or tea, with lamps shining upon your head. Isn’t it the dream Café?

Besides, a beautiful lamp itself is an eye-catching work of art.

Piano Room, A Corner of Your Own

Finally, let’s take a look at the most special part of this apartment, the piano room, which showcases SWEETRICE’s affection for color and retro style. Such an intense style, if adopted in all the rooms, is not realistic. So the piano room is the best space for its realization.

Since the piano room is all about art, a little hyperbole is not too out of place.

Everyone has their own ideas about home, even if these ideas seem a little crazy to others. It is quite rare to see so many styles in one apartment, and what is more rare is the natural overall effect. If you want to have a little more change but worry about the style being over, try to start with a small corner and keep the colors and displays compatible with the whole space.

As SWEETRICE says, home is the embodiment of each person’s experience, and each home contains a different soul. You look into this corner, and a voice inside you whispers:

Well, this is my home.

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