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How to Decorate the Wall Behind Your Bed—4 Non-Photo Ideas

It seems that everyone likes to hang family photos, wedding photos, or photos of themselves on the walls behind their beds, to prevent the walls from looking empty. At times, they may also hang paintings they don’t even understand just to fill the spaces. Are you lacking creative ideas for what can be done with the empty space behind your bed? Try these alternative decor ideas!

Wooden Wall

Wood has become increasingly popular as a design material in recent years. You can replace the photo frames on the wall behind your bed with wooden decor, as the latter blends better with the wall and adds a captivating touch to your space.

Wallpaper Wall

Cost-effective and easy-to-maintain, common wallpaper on the market can be divided by material into three categories.

PVC Wallpaper: Waterproof, easy to maintain, and economical.

Paper Wallpaper: It is breathable and thus hard to mold or yellow.

Non-woven Wallpaper: It has the best effect, and is easy to clean.

Hand-Painted Wall

DIY always has a place in home decor. If you are good at it, you can design according to your preferences and paint the wall yourself. If you love the hand-painted look but are bad at DIY, you can pay an art student to do it for you. A hand-painted bedroom wall can make your space look softer while saying a lot about who you are.

Upholstered Wall

There are many types of upholstery, but they are generally elegant and eye-pleasing. You can choose a soft color to make your space feel softer and more restful. The upholstered wall is also soundproof, sound-absorbing, non-flammable, and anti-collision.

Velvet Upholstery: It easily appears rustic and is therefore less popular than other types of upholstery. However, it will give a noble feel that is unique to velvet if you match it well to your room.

Leather Upholstery: It can decorate your space nicely, and is impressive even if you choose a bland style.

Cloth Upholstery: It goes well with everything and can make your space look softer.

How are you going to design the wall behind your bed?

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