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Smart Strap Makes Your Watch Classi

Classi is a smart strap that looks very traditional but includes the functionality of modern wearable technology. It is able to do everything a normal smart watch can do while looking and feeling like a standard watch. It completely disguises the function in its form. It is a discreet device able to send you signals through vibration which includes hands-free navigation.

Classi is a personalized piece of art that compliments classic watches. Instead of having to choose between a classic watch and a smartwatch, Classi’s smart strap lets you have both. Instead of tossing out your beautiful timepiece, Classi is able to give it a modern update. You can follow their campaign on Indiegogo.

smart strap

How Does the Smart Strap Work?

The strap contains a number of sensors that are built into its genuine leather strap. The resulting strap appears normal on the outside but has a processor, vibration motor, and accelerator within.

smart strap

Key Functions

  • Syncs with your phone through Bluetooth
  • Classi app configures settings
  • Sends discreet vibration alerts
  • Reject phone calls with hidden button in strap
  • Syncs with Google Maps for step-by-step directions through vibration
  • 7+ Days of Battery Life
  • 14+ Days of Data
  • Comes in three fashionable colors.
  • Waterproof
  • Can Call Uber
  • Phone loss prevention
  • Bio-metric Tracking
  • Emergency SOS

Pricing and Availability

Classi is available on Indiegogo at an early bird price of $99. It is slated to retail at $150. Classi is also offering a premium early adopter package which ships in December 2016 for $250. Products will ship in April 2017.

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