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Gululu: A fun, interactive bottle to keep kids hydrated

How to get kids to drink enough water? This is a question troubling many parents. Is it possible to make water-drinking fun and intriguing for kids? Gululu might be the magic trick parents are longing for. It is an adorable, interactive bottle that keeps children hydrated. As kids drink from the bottle, their virtual pets displayed on the bottle come to life and thrive. It has a Wi-Fi connected app for kids to stay motivated and parents to stay informed.

How does Gululu interactive bottle work?

On a first look, the bottle is absolutely attractive to kids (and playful adults). It has a sealed LED screen, embedded sensors, a cloud-based app, and digital add-on content.  The Gululu app can automatically generate a hydration goal from a child’s weight, age, and location. Kids are motivated to meet their water-drinking goals by a virtual pet reward game. As the kid drinks water, the virtual pet in the bottle grows, collects treasures, and takes on adventures in an underwater world. Gululu is designed for children aged 3 and up.

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Key features

  • Adorable Design: A simple shape combines bright colors, curly contours, and a firm, comfortable hold.
  • Smart hardware: Advanced firmware and sensors enable accurate recording of water consumption and trends.
  • Fun app: continuously improved to keep kids engaged with new challenges.
  • Sharing with friends: Shake two nearby bottles to make friends and compare progress.
  • Wireless charging: fully charges on a wireless dock in 3 hours, and lasts 2~3 days of use.
  • Safe: 100% BPA-free and complies with FDA standards.
  • Durable: Waterproof, dust-proof, and shock-proof.

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How to use?

Gululu is easy and friendly to use:

  • Connect the Gululu app to the bottle via Wi-Fi and choose a virtual pet.
  • Drink water from Gululu interactive bottle and make the pet live.
  • Kids bond with their pet while stay hydrated, and parents keep track of water intake.

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Price and timeline

You can pre-order the Gululu Interactive Bottle is on Kickstarter now. It starts at an early-bird rate of $89. Shipping starts from September 2016. To learn more or to pre-order, click the button below:


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