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Wynd: Your Portable, Smart Air Purifier

Are you annoyed and fed up of the polluted air you breathe? Today’s technology has made breathing healthy air possible. Wynd is a smart air purifier that can filter out allergens, germs, dust, smoke, bacteria and other harmful pollutants resulting from industrial and traffic pollution. With an inbuilt monitor, it continuously scrutinizes your environment and purifies it as required. The compact, lightweight design makes it convenient to carry to any place you go.

How does the Smart Air Purifier work?

Wynd air purifier is a quality health tech designed to improve your living. To indicate the air quality in real time, it contains a light ring at its top which changes its color with a change in air quality.

smart air purifier

It absorbs the surrounding air through the pores located on its cylindrical surface and diffuses clean and filtered air into the environment. This air purifier has quick purifying process producing over 8 liters of filtered air per second. The filter in the purifier lasts for three months in a polluted environment, and it is easily replaceable.

smart air purifier

This proactive purifier is ready to take care of you with its auto mode. It can maintain a clean and healthy environment by automatically adjusting its purification level as needed.

smart air purifier

Wynd smart air purifier is a complete gadget which keeps track of the quality of the surrounding air by sensing the level of various particles such as spores, smoke, dust, etc. It alerts the user if the air is unhealthy for breathing. The tracker is removable and can clip onto belts or pockets.

smart air purifier

The specially designed Wynd app is available for Android and iOS smartphones to get more wisdom about your environment. It shows real-time air quality map and air quality trends over time.

smart air purifier

Key features

  • Easy charging: Recharged within 4 hours using USB Type-C cable.
  • Lightweight: Weighs less than a pound, making it easy to carry around.
  • Compact design: Easy to handle, carry, and place.
  • Portable: One of the smallest purifiers available in the
  • Auto-filtering mode: Proactively adjusts the purification according to the need.
  • Purification level control: User can control the degree of cleaning in a range of 0-100% by turning the knob on the device.
  • Kickstand: Enables directed purified air towards you on flat surfaces.
  • App: Monitors and keeps track of the air quality trends over time
  • Bluetooth: Connect to other mobile devices via Bluetooth

smart air purifier

Price and timeline

Wynd smart air purifier is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter. To ensure better health and inhale fresh, clean air you only need to invest $139 (retail price is $189) to get this awesome purifier. Over 2000 backers around the world have contributed to this campaign. To learn more or to pre-order, click the button below:


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