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Labor Day Crowdfunding Compilation

Labor Day is coming up, marking the end of summer and the beginning of fall. It’s a great time to go on one last vacation and enjoy the sun before the cold weather kicks in. In the spirit of summer, we’ve got a list of great crowdfunding campaigns that will keep you in the sun all the way into next year!

Alchema Home-brewed Cider

Alchema is a simple to use home-brewer that easily turns your fruits into craft cider. It’s an all-in-one cider brewer that controls and monitors the two week process while keeping your cider sanitized. It can even be used to serve the cider! Read our preview for more information.

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Zungle Panther

The Zungle Panther may look like regular sunglasses, but inside they double as a wireless Bluetooth headset. Using bone conduction speakers, the Panther sunglasses are a great way to listen to music without blocking your ears with earbuds. Check out our preview.

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iGulu Craft Home Brewery

iGulu is an automated and affordable solution for high quality home brewing. It performs all of the steps of brewing bear with virtually no effort or knowledge required, and can brew up to five liters. Read our preview and our discussion.

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Sunscreenr Viewer

Sunscreener is a viewer which allows you to see and monitor whether your skin is properly covered by sunscreen. It allows you to check to see if you’ve missed a spot when applying, or where sunscreen has worn off. View their Kickstarter page for more information.

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SlapSee Pro Sunglasses

SlapSee Pro are sunglasses that can be slapped around anything so you will never lose them. They are attractive sunglasses that will secure tightly behind the ears when you’re wearing them, or around your wrist when you are not. Details on their Kickstarter.

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