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Brew delicious craft cider at home with Alchema

We previously introduced iGulu, a smart craft beer homebrewer that empowers you to make high-quality craft beer at home with only one touch. Alchema, a startup based in San Francisco and Taiwan, has developed an equivalent homebrewer for cider! With simple setup, it turns your favorite fruits into craft cider in two weeks with sugar, water, and yeast.

How does Alchema work?

Traditional home cider brewing often fails from contamination caused by the unclean containers and frequent progress checks by opening the lid. Alchema makes homebrew a breeze through automatic sanitization, control, and monitor.

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Alchema is an all-in-one cider brewer comprised by an inner pitcher and a pot shell. The pitcher hosts all the ingredients, and can be used to serve the cider. The shell seals the pitcher, sanitizes the pitcher, monitors the air pressure, controls gas release, and weighs the ingredients.

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Alchema has an app for both iOS and Android devices. You can select and follow a recipe, customize the recipe, monitor the brewing process, receive completion notifications, and share your recipe or craft cider with friends.

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How to use Alchema?

  1. Choose a recipe on the app and gather ingredients, including fruit, sugar, and water.
  2. Add ingredients into the pitcher according to the auto weight measurement from the app.
  3. Add a yeast packet for the specific kind of cider you are making.
  4. Wait about 1-2 weeks to ferment and enjoy!

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Key features

  • Built-in Weight Sensor: Automatically measures ingredients according to the recipe and displays on the app.
  • Auto Sanitization: medical-grade UV-C LED lights to sanitize the pitcher before fermentation.
  • Fermentation Monitor: monitors the progress of your craft cider by detecting and analyzing critical parameters (alcohol content, air pressure, and temperature).

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Price and Timeline

Alchema is available for pre-order now on Kickstarter. Over 500 backers have pledged over $200,000 to support the product. While the limited early bird rate has all gone, you can still grab a deal for $359, which include the homebrewer and a yeast pack for three varieties.  Shipping is expected to start from summer 2017. To pre-order or to learn more, click the button below:


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