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Hungry for the Future? Meet the Moley Robotic Kitchen

After a long day’s work, most of us can’t stir up enough inspiration or energy to cook up a healthy meal. Thanks to the UK-based Moley robotic kitchen, dreams of having a delicious meal ready to enjoy when you get home is about to become a reality.

“My goal is to make people’s lives better, healthier, and happier.” Moley founder and CEO Mark Oleynick

The Award Winning Design

The Moley teamed enlisted the help of Tim Anderson, the 2011 winner of BBC’s MasterChef to create the prototype.

To create the prototype, the team recorded the chef in 3D, then transferred the instructions to the robotic chef. Anderson decided that crab bisque, one of the most challenging dishes for human chefs to master would be a great starting point.

The robotic chef now replicates the exact movements needed to create a delicious crab bisque, from selecting the right heat settings on the stovetop to adding ingredients in the right order. Its movements are incredibly precise and methodical.

Robotic Kitchen

How does the Robotic Kitchen Works

The company plans to build a digital repertoire of 2,000 delicious recipes. At home, users can select recipes from around the globe, using a built-in touchscreen operating unit.

What if you’re stuck in traffic and want dinner ready when you get home? Users can access recipes in the same way they choose music, from an iTunes-like library on a smartphone app.

Robotic Kitchen

Key Features

The robotic chef:

  • Mimics human hands with the use of 129 individual sensors, two dozen joints and twenty motors.
  • Stirs, pours, uses a blender and kitchen utensils, set stove temperatures, turns the stove on and off and cleans up the dishes.

The concept kitchen:

  • Includes a workstation, stovetop, oven, sink and dishwasher.

Robotic Kitchen

Price and Timeline

Moley is set to start selling the Robotic chef in 2018, at an estimated cost of £10,000 (about $15,000).  Investors can contact the group directly on the Moley Robotics website. The team recently announced that they will launch a crowdfunding campaign for UK and EU-based investors on Seedrs.com.  To stay updated about the product, sign up with Moley Robotics here or subscribe to Apollo Box Blog Newsletter below.

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