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GOAT STORY Celebrates Origins of Coffee

GOAT STORY is named for the Ethiopian legend of the discovery of coffee. Back in ancient Abyssinia (modern day Ethiopia), a young goat herder named Kaldi observed his goats behaving more jovial than ordinary. He had previously found them to be well-behaved and irreproachable, so he knew something unusual was going on. Upon examining them, he saw the goats were merrily eating the red berries and shiny leaves of an unfamiliar tree. He decided to try some for himself, and when he did, he joined the dancing goats and became “the happiest goat herder in Arabia.”

Some time later, a passing monk observed Kaldi and the goats. When Kaldi told him of the berries, the monk thought they might be the answer to his prayers – literally. He was always falling asleep in the middle of his prayers. When he ate them, he stayed awake. The unnamed monk came up with the idea of drying them to make a beverage and shared it with his monastery. For their first product, GOAT STORY created a horn-shaped coffee mug to dedicate to the original pioneers who discovered coffee: the goats.

GOAT STORYGOAT STORY has now taken their love of coffee a step further and designed their own coffee brewer. GINA uses a smartphone app to teach you three different coffee techniques that you can brew in one machine. The smartphone app allows you to track all of your data so you can brew the perfect batch and share your recipe with the GINA community. GINA combines familiar tools with a built-in Bluetooth scale and unique valve to switch between brewing techniques.

Key Features

  • Charged by Micro USB
  • Up to 150 brewing hours/30 days standby per charge
  • Bluetooth-enabled smart scale
  • Track everything via smartphone app
  • Turn valve to select from three brewing methods: classic pour over, immersion, & cold drip
  • High-quality ceramic and other materials

Three Brewing Techniques

While most coffee experts try to champion one brewing method over the others, with GINA you no longer have to resort to just one. For the classic pour over method, leave the valve open, and pour hot water over the coffee grounds to enjoy a pure taste and highlight the bean’s flavor.


For immersion brew, soak the coffee grounds in the ceramic funnel, open the valve and extract the brewing for a sharp taste and richer body.


For cold drip coffee, put grounds into the inner glass pitcher and pour cold water into the funnel. Set the drop flow and let it drip. This gives coffee the sweetest taste and smoothest beverage body.


Experiment or Consult the Experts

Get connected with the whole coffee loving community using the GINA app. Share your brewing prints or use step-by-step guides created by coffee masterminds. Use it to calculate perfect measurements for all three techniques by connecting to the built-in scale. The app includes a drop meter for cold brew, a tracker for brewing process and time, and even a flavor wheel. It saves your coffee’s type, name, brand, grind size, and water temperature, and you can also make notes for your next brew. You can preorder GINA and follow along with its status on Kickstarter.

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goat story

Goat Horn Coffee Cup (12oz)

goat story

Goat Horn Coffee Cup(16oz)

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