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Ingo Glow: Mold-able Plastic that Glows in the Dark

Ingo Glow is the latest development from IngoTech in the world of mold-able plastic, and introduces glow-in-the-dark to the flexible, versatile item. As with the original Ingo, which can be purchased in our store, Ingo Glow is made mold-able simply by the addition of hot water. The plastic is safe, useful, and fun. It’s even made from non-toxic, starch based bio-plastic. Ingo Glow is available for pre-order on Indiegogo.

How It Works

Both Ingo and Ingo Glow are extremely easy to use. A bar of Ingo Mold-able Plastic can be molded and made into something new in about fifteen minutes or less. All you need to get started is some boiling water.

    1. Place plastic Ingo/Ingo Glow bar in hot water for 3 minutes
    1. Mold it into whatever shape you need in the next 2 minutes
    1. Let it cool to room temperature, 5 – 10 minutes
  1. Enjoy!

mold-able plastic


Ingo Glow will be available in two colors, blue with a green glow and green with a yellow glow. The glow-in-the-dark bars are perfect for keeping track of items in the dark, or creating trendy jewelry for concerts and clubs. It’s great for people just looking to make something crafty, too!

mold-able plastic

Key Features

mold-able plastic

Price and Availability:

The original Ingo is available now in our store. Ingo Glow is available for pre-order on Indiegogo for $11 a box, or in packs of multiple boxes. Some packages which also include a mixture of Glow and Non Glow bars. There are a number of early adopter discount prices.


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