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Paper Pop Cards Always Eye Opening

The meticulously hand-crafted paper pop cards are inspired by iconic architecture and art. Each is a piece of art created by paper engineers in New York. Once the design is created, it is sent to a factory with state-of-the-art laser cutting machines to cut out the details. The 3D designs must then be assembled delicately by hand. They are then attached to the card using a patented process.

The designs are built from recycled paper that is broken down and cleaned to be remade into Paper Pop Cards.

paper pop cards

The Design

Each season Paper Pop Cards releases new designs that are inspired by world-renown architecture, art, and the designers’ own creativity. Each is bold, with some in vibrant color and others more subdued, but “always eye opening.” They started with 22 designs and now have greatly expanded their selection.

They also offer custom card designs for clients, which have included big names such as Disney, Warner Brothers, and Tiffany & Co. They will collaborate with individuals to create custom cards for events, parties, and special announcements.

paper pop cards

How it Works

Pricing and Availability

We have two designs available now at a great price! See below for details.

paper pop cards

Paper Pop Card – Wedding
Best Gifts For The Wedding

paper pop cards

Paper Pop Card – Holiday
Best For Holiday Gift

For more information and design choices, please check out Paper Pop Cards website here.

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