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Back To School Gift Guide

Summer days are quickly coming to an end, so school will be in session soon. Back to school shopping can be overwhelming and stressful. This guide will help you determine all the things you and your kids need to have for a successful start to the school year.

Kids Backpack

A backpack is a must for the return to school. Let your kids show their personality and style by letting them choose their backpacks for the start of the school year. This backpack comes in three fun styles allowing your child to show who they are. The backpack is structured and roomy, perfect for all the important items your little one has to transport from home to the classroom daily.

Vintage Canvas Backpack

Do you have an older child who needs a new backpack but doesn’t want anything cutesy? If so, then this Vintage Canvas Backpack is for them! This beautiful bag is available in three colors and is made of durable canvas. The bag has ample space to carry all their school necessities and transitions perfectly into a day pack. 

Glittery Peace Pencil Case

Add some glittery fun to the school day with the Glittery Peace Pencil Case. Four styles are available to bring joy to your child’s day while keeping them organized. The pencil case will ensure that your child has all of the tools they need on hand for ultimate success.

Cute Kitty Stainless Steel Thermos

The Cute Kitty Stainless Steel Thermos will ensure your kid has the beverage they need to greet the day. Whether you are packing them a hot or cold drink, the thermos will keep it at the proper temperature for hours. This is great for making sure they have a cool and refreshing drink at lunchtime or a warm beverage in the morning. Your child will use this thermos all year long as the thermos is great for trips and outdoor activities. 

Cute Strawberry Sharpener

When starting the school year, you want to make sure you are prepared for everything. This Cute Strawberry Sharpener will ensure your student is always ready with a sharpened pencil, and this adorable item will surely put a smile on their face. These make great and fun gifts!

Floral File Holder

This adorable Floral File Holder set will make it easy to start the school year organized. The folder offers multiple pockets so you can keep all of your important papers filed and protected. The folder comes in three beautiful designs, all of which are sure to brighten your day. This is a great gift for students, teachers, and professionals.

Canvas Colored Pencil Pouch

If you have a budding artist on your hands, the Canvas Colored Pencil Pouch is a must-have for all of their tools. Available in six fun designs and 3 size options, this pencil pouch is the best way to carry and organize all of your art supplies. You will never have to go rummaging through a bag again because the pouch lets you see all of your pens and pencils before you. This also makes a great gift for all of your artist friends. 

Double Layered Lunch Box

Ensure that your child has all of the nutritious food they need to get through the long school day with the Double Layered Lunch Box. This lunch box is available in three colors and has plenty of space for meals and snacks to keep them fueled until dinner time. This also is a great lunch box for adults going to work or for long road trips.

Pineapple Gel Pen

The beautiful Pineapple Gel Pen will be your child’s favorite writing tool. This pen comes in three colors and will make writing fun and easy. This pen makes a great gift for the start of the school year.

Daily Organizer

Stay organized all year long with the Daily Organizer. This organizer is available in various color options and features different pockets to keep all of your important items in one place. This organizer is a great way to stay on top of all of your tasks and appointments. It is a great gift for everyone: students, teachers, parents, and professionals. 

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