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Space Gifts That Will Leave Stars in Your Eyes

Space gifts always leave an impression because the concept and beauty of space mystifies and enchants mankind. Historians have found artifacts dating back to the BC era that capture man’s infatuation with the bright orbs in the sky.

The Space Race in the ’50s had the world’s full attention and an estimated 600 million people watched Neil Armstrong take man’s first steps on the moon. Millions of Americans gathered together to observe the Solar Eclipse of 2017, and the Associated Press reported that it was the most observed and photographed eclipse in history.

Space is unfathomable, fascinating, and a natural wonder that reminds us there’s a presence so much bigger than ourselves and anything we know. Buy any of these cool space products as a unique space gift for yourself or a friend.

Space Inspired Music Box

Free-flying and swirling through space! Made of various types of wood, our Space Inspired Music Box makes a great gift for any music or space lover. Wind up the music box and let go of the winding key. The music box will play the famous tune Spirited Away or Castle in the Sky while the three planets orbit the sun. You can put the planets wherever you want.

Solar System Bracelet

Solar System Bracelet.jpg

Give your favorite person the universe with this Solar System Bracelet. It’s a thoughtful and pretty space gift that will remind the gift receiver of you every time they see it. Each delicate bracelet is handmade, and you can buy a bracelet that holds the whole galaxy or a single dainty planet. It’s the perfect BFF bracelet and gift for a significant other that loves space. Why buy them the world when you can give them the galaxy?

Moon Star Planet Earrings

Moon Star Planet Earrings.jpg

Nothing is dreamier than a date night out underneath the stars, so accessorize for the occasion with these romantic Moon Star Planet Earrings. This starry set showcases one drop earring with a sparkling black planet and one dangling earring with a black crescent moon. It’s a fun and sophisticated jewelry piece for sentimental space lovers.

Cosmic Pendant

Cosmic Pendant.jpg

Get lost in the wonders and mysteries of space whenever you look into this Cosmic Pendant. Filled with swirling stardust and endless galaxies, this one-of-a-kind glass art pendant lifts spirits and wardrobes to all new interstellar heights! It’s the best space gift to give to friends and family members who take time to reflect and be one with the universe.

Crescent Moon Fairy Light Lantern

Crescent Moon Fairy Light Lantern.jpg

Looking for a night light that will transport you into another galaxy? Then spend your nights gazing into the sparkling beauty of our Crescent Moon Fairy Light Lantern. It features a glass ball or apple filled with LED string lights and hanging from a moon-shaped stand. A stellar gift for a special person in your life, this lantern will bring a piece of the night sky right to any space.

Round Purple Sun and Moon Rug

Round Purple Sun and Moon Rug.jpg

The front made of nylon while the back knitted with cotton, our Round Purple Sun and Moon Rug features a beautiful purple background and a golden sun and moon pattern. It’ll add a celestial accent to your bedroom or living room while protecting your floor from wear and dirt. Available in two sizes, this home décor piece is an ideal housewarming gift.

Mini Know Your Stars Light Cube

Mini Know Your Stars Light Cube.gif

Go stargazing right inside your home with this Mini Know Your Stars Light Cube. This miniature lamp sits on your night table or desk. Turn it on to see maps of different constellations that people have been gazing at since the beginning of time. It’s a great space gift for the amateur astronomer!

Constellation Coffee Mug

Constellation Coffee Mug.jpg

Do you fit the exact description of your horoscope sign and are always looking to the stars for direction? Then start your day off right and drink your morning cup of Joe out of this gorgeous Constellation Coffee Mug. The sparkly handle of this unique mug is filled with dazzling crystals and each handcrafted glass comes with a wooden lid and crystal topped spoon.

Astronaut Vase

Astronaut Vase.jpg

Got time for an epic space odyssey? This Astronaut Vase will remind you of the mysteries and wild adventures that space holds. This vase will look great in a dorm room, cubicle, bedroom, living room, or at-home workspace. Pair this vase with some fresh cut flowers and give this ultimate space gift to the friend or family member who’s obsessed with space and flowers.

Moon Inspired Infuser

Moon Inspired Infuser.jpg

Our Moon Inspired Infuser features a concrete moon on a black walnut wood base. Put it on the table or glue it to your dashboard. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the black felt ring under the moon to refresh the air and relax your mind and body. This essential oil diffuser will also add a celestial touch to your home or car. It’s the perfect gift for anyone interested in aromatherapy or the moon.

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