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Your Perfect Glass Vase Based Off Your Personality

Your home is a reflection of you. Each piece of furniture and decoration gives the world a glimpse of your unique style and personality. If you’re searching for a new piece to add to your home or office that screams “you”, take a look at our collection and pick your favorite glass vase.

Urban Hip

If you always know of the hip coffee shops in town, love vinyl, and Seattle and Brooklyn are cities on your bucket list, the Textured Tumbler Glass Vase will balance out your hip home’s vibe. This warm, amber glass vase is the perfect home for your succulents or can stand out on its own.  Place these textured glass vases on the hanging shelves in your room or on your desk.

glass vase

Beach lover

Do you love the smell of the ocean and always daydream about playing hookie from school or work so you can hear the roar of the waves and feel the sand between your toes?  If so, the Bubble Glass Vase Collection is perfect for beach lovers and mermaids at heart. As soon as you fill one of these vases with water, you’re immediately transported to the sea.  Each vase is wrapped with natural jute and complimented with a dainty starfish.  Collect all 5 and make the seaside your home.

glass vase

Modern Chic

If you love Audrey Hepburn, polka dots, pointy black flats and are famous for always looking polished and put together, we have a vase for you.  Modern chic are the two words that best describe the Mini Modern Glass Bottle Vases.  These simple yet elegant, tear shaped glass vases are made from high-quality glass and perfectly showcase a single flower or mini bouquet.  Buy all 3 colors and compliment every room in your home.

glass vase

Flower Child

You’d pay anything to see Fleetwood Mac in concert, rock flower crowns and march to the drumbeat of peace & love. Fill your flower child heart with delight with one of our Hand Blown Glass Vases. Each mesmerizing glass vase is unique, a piece of art and exudes harmony.  Choose any one of the 7 colors.

glass vase

Hopeless Romantic

You’re a hopeless romantic at heart, live in skirts and dresses, love Kate Spade and believe that Charlotte from Sex and the City is your soul sister.  Make your home or office Pinterest worthy with our Scandinavian Style Glass Vases.  Each glass vase has a geometric shape and texture that accentuates roses, hydrangeas, peonies and any other romantic blossom.

glass vase

Trend Setter

You’re not afraid of stepping outside of the box and naturally set trends without even trying.  You have an eye for art and gravitate towards one-of-a-kind pieces.  Set yourself apart from the crowd with our Nordic Style Glass Vases.  Each vase is handmade by artisan glass makers and no two vases are alike.

glass vase

Didn’t find the glass vase that best matches you? Browse through our collection of vases and planters. Check out our Design Gallery for more home decor inspirations.

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