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Knocki: Create Smart Surfaces for Smart Home

These days, smart home technology is a complex, expensive, and daunting web of switches, lights, and devices that transform your home into the cockpit of a space shuttle. Knocki is a low-cost wireless device that aims to make smart home technology more accessible and easier to use.

Knocki also works well with existing smart devices and can transform surfaces around the home or office into intelligent interfaces for all your devices. You can place Knocki devices throughout your home. They can even be mounted underneath tables or behind shelves to transform any surface discreetly into a capable and connected smart interface.

How it Works

Attach Knocki to a surface and the entire surface transforms into a touch interface controller. Knocki connects to your WiFi network, and the free Knocki companion app will link with all of your devices and accounts.

Once mounted, you can define up to 10 user gestures to trigger your actions. After this process is completed, Knocki will work even if your phone is turned off. You can tap simple gestures anywhere on the surface to automate useful actions. Gestures are defined by a simple or complex pattern of taps or knocks.

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Key Features

  • Special mount featuring SurfaceLink technology (patent-pending)
  • Connects to devices via WiFi and free smartphone app
  • Stores up to 10 user gestures
  • A gesture can trigger a single action or a set of actions
  • Filters out random vibrations to minimize false positives
  • Uses non-acoustic sensor technology
  • Delivers over 12 months of battery life using AAA batteries
  • Connects to an array of existing smart home devices and platforms
  • Handicap accessible for hearing or vision impaired

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The Design

Knocki is designed to blend in with many surfaces and it looks good on walls. The vibration sensors feed information to the customized circuit board. It is easy to mount on any surface. The outer casing can be swapped out for a black edition.

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Price and Timeline

Knocki is currently open for pre-order on IndieGoGo. The early bird price is $89. The release date is planned for June 2017 at a retail price of $129 each. They can also be purchased in bundles of three or five. To learn more or to pre-order, click the button below:


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