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Our Top Unique Gifts on Instagram

Are you trying to find a unique gift that’ll really stand out? We’ve got you covered! Whether you’re looking for the perfect travel companion or a nice piece of decor, you don’t want something super mainstream. Do you? Of course not! Which is why we created this list of well-liked Instagram gifts for you!

Here are 9 unique gifts that are quirky in all the right ways:

Little Cactus Humidifier

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There’s a reason this Little Cactus Humidifier is the most liked gift on our Instagram – it’s adorable and portable (which are huge pluses). You can take this humidifier with you anywhere and it’ll instantly freshen up the air around you. Plus, it doesn’t take up a lot of space. You can leave the humidifier on your bathroom vanity or take it to work. The options are endless but one thing is for sure, your air will never be dry.

Moon Constellation Tapestry

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This Moon Tapestry brings outerspace right to your bedroom. Is your inner moon child smiling? Then you definitely need this unique gift! You can hang this in your bedroom, dorm room, or even living room. You can even add lights to the tapestry for an extra space-like element.

Portable Fabric Shaver

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What’s better than a product that doubles as a major life hack? Umm…nothing! This Portable Fabric Shaver makes removing lint from sweaters, mittens, and scarves easy. It’s battery operated and travel friendly. You can easily whip this out of your bag and treat your clothes to a much needed upgrade.

Piggy Purse

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This Piggy Purse is an Instagram favorite – probably because of how cute and quirky it is. You can use this bag to show your love for pigs or to simply accessorize your outfit. Whatever you choose, you can be sure your look will stand out.

Unicorn Night Light

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You know who’ll love this Unicorn Night Light? The little girl in your life who’s still afraid of the dark but obsessed with fairytales. The golden stars and twinkly fairy lights are absolutely mesmerizing. The best part? The light is subtle and won’t disrupt her beauty sleep…because what’s a princess without her beauty sleep?

Moon Light

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This Moon Light is perfect for those “Netflix & Chill” nights. The LED light adjusts from soft white to yellow and creates a soothing glow that really sets the mood. You and your significant other can enjoy a date night like no other. It’s no wonder this unique gift stands out on Instagram! If you’re on the fence of whether you should take the plunge and treat yourself with this mesmerizing Moon Light, see the top 3 reasons why you need it.

Felt Spacecraft For Cats

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Is your kitty curious? This Felt Spacecraft, built like a spacecraft with a bubble on top, let’s your “catstronaut” observe the world around around them without ever having to leave the comfort of their bed. Plus, it’s not too heavy. You can move it to your bedroom, living room, or wherever your cat prefers to lounge.

White Cherry Blossom Ring

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Who wouldn’t want a chic ring that makes a statement? This cherry blossom ring is a great way to accessorize any outfit. Your instagram followers will love seeing this ring on your finger and you’ll get ALL the likes! Oh, and did we mention it’s affordable?? An absolute must.

PIEARTH Sakura Jewelry Box

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This jewelry box is covered with cherry blossoms and is oh-so girly. It’s also colorful and makes a great accent piece for your bathroom or bedroom. Don’t worry though, even though this jewelry box is tiny the magnetic closure will safely hold your small jewelry.

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At Apollo Box, we believe that unique gifts = unique living. We want to help you discover, collect, and share the world’s most creative gifts. We search all over the globe for small vendors with big ideas and one-of-a-kind products, and partner with them to bring you the most unique home décor gifts, DIY gifts, jewelry, gadgets and more. Whether you’re searching for gifts for mom, gifts for dad, or a gift for your BFF, we’ve got it all. So take a step out of the ordinary, create the extraordinary and give unique gifts.

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