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The 5 Best Plants for Wall Planters

Do you love plants? Do you have them in your kitchen, on your night stand, and all over your living room floor? Well then, it’s time for you to switch it up! Wall planters have grown in popularity lately. They’re versatile and look great anywhere. It’s no wonder plant-lovers are obsessed and you will be too.

Before you go out and buy your wall planter, you’re going to need the perfect plant. Not all plants will look amazing or grow well in a wall planter. Use this guide for inspiration when you’re shopping! Here are 5 of the best plants for wall planters:

The Devil’s Ivy

The Devil’s Ivy is one of the best plants for a wall planter; especially if you have a history of killing plants. It’s very easy going and doesn’t require a lot of feeding. Are you going on vacation for a few weeks? Well you won’t have to worry about hiring a plant sitter because this plant can maintain itself.

The Devil’s Ivy’s heart-shaped foliage looks great inside this Geometric Quadrilateral Wall Vase. But don’t just hang one vase! Hang several and use Devil’s Ivy to fill out your wall like the true art gallery it is.

best plants for wall planters

The Kimberly Queen Fern

What’s so beautiful about this plant? Its greenery. The Kimberly Queen Fern will bring the garden to your home! While this plant needs high humidity to thrive, simply misting it regularly will do the trick.

The Kimberly Queen Fern is a rising plant, it mostly grows upright. So place it in a hanging planter like our Hanging Hexagon Wall Planter. This colorful planter will perfectly showcase the Kimberly Queen Fern’s unique traits.

best plants for wall planters

String Of Pearls

This list wouldn’t be complete without the String Of Pearls. Trust us, this plant will impress you the moment you see it. This succulent is rightfully named because it resembles an elegant string of pearls. It doesn’t need bright light and grows quickly with minimal water.

This plant will look amazing in our Round Hanging Wall Planter. Subtle and stylish, this planter has a unique look and comes in different colors. As long as you trim the drooping vines, you’ll be able to enjoy this stunning succulent for a very long time.

best plants for wall planters

Spider Plant

Don’t let the name full you, Spider Plants aren’t creepy and crawly – they’re beautiful and one of the best plants for a wall planter. They’re also one of the easiest because they require very little water and very little attention. As long as the soil remains somewhat moist, this plant will grow and its long, green leaves will look lovely in our Geometric Wall Planter. This wall planter has a geometric shape that’ll highlight the Spider Plant and transform your walls from dull to beautiful.

best plants for wall planters

Fake Plants

This list is filled with low-maintenance plants, but this one takes the cake. Fake plants = a quick dust every now and then and that’s it! If you know for a fact that plants aren’t your thing, enjoy some greenery without seeing one wilted petal or leaf. These handmade Faux Flower Wall Art pieces are gorgeous, eye catching and 100% fake. Just hang them on your wall and get the plant vibes you’ve always wanted.

best plants for wall planters

Below are a few planters/vases we also recommend.

Modern Garden Wall Vase

Are you looking for a modern vase for your cactus or air plants? Check out these ceramic wall vases. Offered in several styles, these vases take inspiration from the Morandi color. Whether you’re creating your signature look or getting a thoughtful gift, you will fall for the charms of these elegant ceramic pieces.

Round Wall Planter

It’s time to add some vibrant touches of nature to your home. Do you notice the string of hearts in this planter? This round wall planter is perfect for plants like this. Buy some extra decorative stones to complete the greenery.

Wall-Mounted Planter Pot

These Wall-Mounted Planter Pots are definitely the best choice for a Swiss cheese plant or string of pearls! Get one to add a hint of nature to your home and create your ideal indoor garden with unique houseplants.

Iron Circle Wall Decor

Find a modern way to show your string of pearls and cactus! Just hang them in your hallway or even your bedroom. These round wall planters come in an array of colors and sizes to create an eye-catching indoor garden. 

Ceramic Balloon Wall Vases

Invite a colorful party style to your home with these balloon inspired ceramic vases. Choose from blue, pink, and yellow or get a collection of 3 to create your own balloon wall! Don’t worry about installation, these vases are easy to mount to your wall.

Want to shop more unique planters? Visit our Planters & Vases Collection!

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