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Hold the Universe in a Sphere

The Universe in a Sphere is a beautiful glass orb featuring an intricate web of 380,000 dots that each represent a galaxy. The resulting spectacle is a breathtaking display piece that will leave you transfixed with both its appearance and the immense truths of the universe it represents.

hold the universe

How it was Made

The Universe in a Sphere was mapped from every galaxy within 125 megaparsecs of ours. The over 675,000 galaxies were lasered into a glass sphere (many were close together and became one dot) represented over 380,000 dots. The inner structure reflects light but is also beautiful without an extra light. The brightness changes with perspective.


  • 8cm sphere
  • Weighs 0.8Kg/ 1.76lb
  • Packaged in black box with black velvet
  • Optional bases available

Price and Availability:

Universe in a Sphere is available for preorder on Kickstarter and ships from Germany. The base price for a single sphere with plastic base is $63 USD. Other bases can be ordered for a premium cost. Estimated delivery is February 2017.

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