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Try a New Look — Honest Reviews for Fashion and Beauty Products

Need a style boost but don’t know where to start? Here are some fashion tips for you to revamp your wardrobe, hair, and jewelry. With these honest reviews from our customers, you can’t go wrong with changing up your appearance or gifting a fashionable girl such cute items!

Square Crystal Earrings

These square-shaped earrings are all about the details: from the polished mirrored front to the geometric shapes on the back. Wear them solo for a minimalist look or layer them up with other studs and dangles for a more eclectic feel. Either way, you’ll be shining in all the right places.

“They came in a really fun box – would make a fun gift (if I didn’t like them so much). Clear plastic in a frame, that you opened to get to the earrings. I love big jewelry, but if you wear something too big, it looks like you’re trying to fake big diamonds. These are obviouisly not that, but are so fun, the gold around the edges isn’t hardly noticed while you’re wearing them, but instead it just adds a lot of shine to the look. I was so bummed that my company holiday party was cancelled this year, because these would be have been the perfect accent to look fun, but not like i was trying too hard. (instead, I just dressed up my hoody while I was WFH) Plus super light weight!”–Meg

“These earrings are beautiful, they are great for gifting especially. They have weight to them, but not too much where they pull down your ear. These are a great addition to my collection. Very classy looking!”Marti

“These earrings are so pretty! each time I’ve worn them, I’ve gotten a number of compliments. they’re also very comfortable – lightweight enough that I’ve worn them from day to night several times and didn’t experience any soreness. I received these earrings complimentary from apollo box for my honest review.”–Caitlin

“I have super sensitive ears, so I was worried when I saw how big these were, but they are very comfortable and did not make my ears itch. I love how classy, yet bold these are. They will definitely be making my earring rotation! I received these earrings free of charge from ApolloBox for my honest review.”–Danya

“The earrings have this optical illusion look as if there are no sides or backing. They are truly clear. I was worried that these would be heavy, but are on the medium light side. I was able to wear them all day (+12 hours) and had no issues, and help dress up any outfit! I was stopped so many times stating how beautiful they were and where I got them! I received these complimentary from ApolloBox for my honest review.”Het

Sea Wave Necklace

Add a touch of magic to any outfit with this Sea Wave Necklace. Whether you’re wearing it with a sleek business suit or an embellished gown, this necklace is sure to add just the right amount of shimmer and sparkle.

“Attention has been an understatement due to the stares given at the necklace. Bringing into play the neckline with the moon right in the eye of the beholders. Yes the silver is one that will last a lifetime as well as the charm, being that both are pure. Get yourself one!”Virginia

“This is a stunning piece for any ocean lovers! The chain isn’t as long as some other necklaces, but hangs at a nice level. The colors of the water on this are my favorite part…..starts as a deeper blue around the edges and turns to more of a light blue-green at the top of the wave. So pretty!”Jen

“The neck piece is extremely beautiful, especially the blue ocean colour. It is a perfect gift for your loved ones. It looks best when worn with an off-shoulder or square neck top/ dress.”Asmita

“This Sea Wave necklace by Simple Elegance is beautiful! The blue color reminds me of the ocean at St John’s in the Caribbean. My 16-year-old daughter is in love with it and it fits her perfectly. It looks really nice worn with a casual look as well as a more dressed up outfit.”Lorene

Paperclip Ruby Earrings

With the look of rubies, these earrings have a funky paperclip-themed design that you’ll completely love. Wear them to the office or wear them out for dinner. You’ll adore the way that these earrings catch the light in just the right way.

“Why take the chance on a risky office romance when you can bring love to work with these cute, no-hassle, low committment paperclip earrings? They are a fun, flirtatious note to add to your work-appropriate attire as you are (possibly) forced to trudge back to the office. Earrings are small and light for delicate lobs. They have not as yet irritated my rather sensitive skin. However, they do seem a bit delicate, so so pop them off before you head to the gym or sink into a pillow at night.”Melissa

“These ruby red heart-shaped earrings are a trendy fashion accessory that would compliment any look. I really love that they are unique and stylish. I have long dark hair and these earrings really give me that pop of color.”Christina

Trendy Black Dress

The midcalf length of this darling black dress makes it a flattering choice for today’s trendy lady. Sleeveless, for a sassy look, this dress is simply elegant. Wear it to a black-tie cocktail party or perhaps to a wedding reception. Choose the size that will give you a comfortable fit and pair your little black dress with some bright red heels.

“Absolutely stunning & flattering dress. The size guide was very accurate as it fits perfectly. Very fancy packaging which makes sense because it’s a very fancy dress! Comes with its own sturdy hanger, in a dress cover, in a box. Feel like I’m ready for a fashion show! I’m in love with this dress & I 100% recommend it!”Meli

“Hello! I recently received the Trendy Black Dress by Aui. I am 5’6” tall and 155 pounds. My shoulders are 14”, my bust is 36” and my waist is 29”. The dress is well made and beautiful, thick material. It is not see-through as it is lined. I was able to get it on by stepping into it (although snug going over my hips) but once I got it on, was not able to zip it. My fiancée said he probably could’ve forced it but we didn’t want to break the zipper. It’s definitely on the smaller size as I fit within the measurements of a size Large. Super bummed because the dress really is beautiful and very well made. It even has pockets! And the pockets are done nicely as they don’t stick out, but lay flat against the dress so you don’t even know they are there. Overall, I love the dress but would suggest sizing up.”Jennifer

“I received this dress free of charge to review it and I am actually impressed by the easy to wear style which can be dressed up or down. The fabric could be of better quality as it doesn’t appear to be the same weight of the fabric shown in the pictures. The fit runs small so I’m glad I ordered size Large and I’m usually a small. I love the fitted look around the waist area and the length of the dress makes it a perfect evening or cocktail style dress. I’m looking forward to accessorising it with a belt and some high heels for the perfect date night look. Give it a real good steam as it arrives with wrinkles as shown in pictures.”Grace

Funny Crocodile Stud Earrings

These Funny Crocodile Stud Earrings look like a crocodile bit on the ear. Buy these cute earrings to light up your daily look. Grab the Funny Crocodile Stud Earrings for yourself or gift them to that someone special.

“These earrings are ADORABLE! They are sturdy and comfortable. The backs that come with them help keep the Crocs in the perfect position. My teenage daughters especially love them. I received a free pair of these to review, and I’m so glad I did!”Heather

“These earrings are so cute!! Very tiny, but sturdy. Comfortable to wear and just perfect. I would highly recommend these to anyone! I did have to switch out the backings, they repeatedly slipped off but you can get backings anywhere. That would be the only drawback but all in all these are great studs to add to your collection! Their little gold mouths are precious!”Caroline

“I received these earrings free of charge from ApolloBox in return for an honest review. I really like them just as I thought. They’re a unique and fun style and are eye-catching. (I received several compliments from my friends and even a couple of strangers, which was nice.) The things I like best about these is the bold green colour, their sturdiness, and of course, the cute design! The only reason I could not give them five stars is that they seem to not be nickel-free, and after a while, I started feeling irritation since my ears are sensitive. That said, I love these little earrings and will definitely continue to wear them!”Catalina

“These earrings are super cute! They look exactly like they do in the images, the only thing that I would change about them is to maybe have a metal earring back so they feel a little more sturdy. But that being said, the earrings do stay put all day and look really cute with any outfit. So excited to wear these on my upcoming trip to Florida! *I have received this product free of charge in return for an honest review.”Shani

“I received these pair of earrings free of charge in exchange of a honest review. So, first, I must say all of my friends are obsessed with their cuteness! The shade of green is amazing and suits anyone. I’ve been testing them for a week and I’ve noticed since the first day that they are a tiny bit itchy on my super sensitive skin. They haven’t left a black mark or anything. I do prefer plastic earring backs (because of my sensitive skin, again) but I felt these aren’t sturdy enough. These studs are extremely detailed and fun to wear, I am very happy I got them!”Ilaria

No Heat Hair Curlers

These No Heat Hair Curlers offer a timeless way to achieve a timeless hairstyle. Offered in three colors that you’ll love, these curlers can be left on overnight so that you wake up with stunning waves or curls.

“I tried these curlers on a few people, my main subject was my beautiful wife. She didn’t allow for pictures to be posted, but I’ll leave a review. She has a lot of hair and it’s thick. We tried curling her hair with this tool for a couple weeks, dry damp, lightly damp but her hair was too stubborn and would only produce beach waves. So my next subjects were my nieces. Long thin hair and their curls held up strong. Lightly damp with no product and the curls held beautifully. The version we used was tubular design 100% end to end. I know the photos show A flat side on the top of the head but ours were not like that. Put them on before bed, less than 10 minutes and in the morning they removed the hair bands it comes with and clip and viola long beautiful curls. I do like this product, unfortunately, it didn’t work for my wife’s heavy long thick hair. Thank you for a great product.”Ruben

“I received this curler for free for my honest opinion on the product. Honestly when I opened it and felt how lightweight it was I did not expect it to curl my hair or hold if it did and I was actually pleasantly surprised on both . It was super easy to put in and only took a couple of minutes . Because it was lightweight it was easy to sleep in ad when I woke up the curl was pretty amazing for how little effort I put in . My hair is thick and heavy so I would probably use a setting agent but I could also get away without one.”Renee

“I hate blow drying in the summer months, so I shower at night and deal with the mess of hair in the morning. My first try with these, I read the above instructions and also watched a couple of videos online, but my hair was apparently too wet and didn’t dry enough overnight and the curls fell. Next try, I did better, but didn’t make a ‘braid’ but rather wrapped in a consistent motion as I had seen online, so the curls stayed better, but were loose “beachy” waves at best. Last night I tried the ‘braid’ method again, still a little too wet, not dry by morning (might be wrapped too tight), but definitely held both overnight and throughout the day. The curls will improve as my technique improves. Overall, a great product that saves the blow drying heat, as well as the time, though I think I could still benefit from a better tutorial on how to wrap the hair and how wet/what products to use to help. However, I have achieved solid curls, with no heat and am confident I’ll continue to get better with it. I did receive this product complimentary in exchange for an honest review, but for less than $20 I will buy another for my step-daughter!”Meg

“I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review after trying it out. The first night i used it with my hair only slightly damp. I used a spray bottle with water on my dry hair, and brushed it smooth. The product I received is not exactly the same as the one in the photo shown, but works the same I would think. I do wish, however, there was the flat bit in theiddle, as it was a bit awkward to start the first side of my head. Anyway, i split my hair in two sections and sort of braided them around each arm of the curler. When i went to sleep i didnt even notice it was on, pretty comfortable to sleep with. That morning i was excited to see how it turned out and my hair was just a massive ball of frizz. I tried it again a second night, same damp hair, but paid extra attention to smoothing and wrapping 2 sections around each arm. I paid extra attention to finessing the ends and the result the next morning was WAY better. Over all, i dont think this is a replacment for a curling iron, just anothef tool for a different look. I will continue to use for sure, but i do not think of it as an alternative.”Samantha

“I received this fee in return for an honest review. The item I received looked a little different, had a single hair claw and the whole pie e you wrap your hair around was round and filled with stuffing. This was incredibly easy to use and not uncomfortable to sleep in. I honestly didn’t even feel it. When I woke up I was so excited to pull the hair ties off and let those curls loose. My hair typically falls flat within 30 minutes, these curls last almost all day!!! To say I love these is an understatement!!! My set was missing a scrunchie but I have tons of those and hair ties so it was not an issue for me. 10/10 would recommend this, not only is this a time saver but this is going to be perfect for traveling! No more hot curling irons or straighteners to tame the frizz, just quick easy perfectly curled hair with no heat damage from drying or styling.”Amanda

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