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Perpetual Motion Models, Toys for All Ages and More Creative than Lego

When you were young, everyone played with wooden three-dimensional puzzles. Whether you were a boy or a girl, you were attracted to puzzles. Sound familiar? You would probably wake up early in the morning and spend all day concentrating, trying your best to complete the puzzle perfectly.

When it comes to puzzles and toys, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Lego! Everyone loved playing with Lego.

Well, if you loved Lego, we have something even better. Denis Okhrimenko (from Ukraine) came up with a completely mechanical design. It’s called, UGEARS WOODEN DIY 3D Dynamic Model. It doesn’t require any glue, screws, etc. This model is awesome and environmentally friendly.

Rail Mounted Manipulator Model

Looking at the models here, you might not feel there’s no difference between them and the wooden assembled toys you’ve seen in the past. But, don’t underestimate our designers! They’re something very ingenious about these products.

UGears V-Express Steam Train with Tender

One of the most special things about these models is that they are movable after assembly. Dozens to hundreds of parts are connected by precision-engaged gears, link mechanism, or rubber bands. Which means these lifeless static models can move freely. Do you want to build a steam train? It’ll be able to move forward on the track with ease.

Once again, there’s no adhesives or screw requires. These fully mechanical designs are simple to assemble! By rotating and tightening the rubber band, you can really make the train run all over the house.

Tram Line Model

If you are a mechanical fan, you must know the tram. The trams, designed by UGEARS, are divided into horizontal mode and climbing mode. There is also a dark space at the top of the car, which means you can send a love letter as a surprise to your lover.

Ugears 3D Self Propelled Model Engine

When it comes to machinery, they pneumatic engine is the best. It looks so cool. All you need to do is install the interface on the balloon and then mount it on the engine. How long the engine runs depends entirely on the size of the balloon and the individual’s lung capacity.

Mechanical Box

This business card box is practical and stylish. It’s great for business trips! Once you try it, you’ll understand why.


You can’t imagine how fast this wooden car can go!


Just so you know, UGEARS specializes in a series of wooden transmission models and unique design with many international patents. That’s why all these designs are so unique!

Mechanical 3D Safe Puzzle

The one does not require the glue to bond, so it’s super environmentally friendly. Just remove the part from the plywood and start assembling.

You can assemble it by yourself or with your family and children. It’s a great way for children to get hands-on experience and improve their thinking skills. Even adults will be fascinated by it.

UGEARS Grand Prix Car

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