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Encounter the Beauty in the World of Wood

When did your love for wood begin? Was it at first sight, or after spending time working with it?

“As a wood lover, I’m totally attracted by its charm”, said Li, founder and carpenter of a woodworking shop. Let’s explore Li’s story. You just might also find the beauty he sees in the world of wood.

We live in a fast-paced world. We should live our lives in the way that we want to, in the want that we want to be. If we can meet a confidant and find perfection at the right time, this is just one of the many surprises that life can offer us.

Writer Lu Sihao once said “What kind of things you will meet, what kind of songs you will listen to and what kind of words you will say, all depends on what kind of person you are… “ When someone can resonate with you, the life he longs for can soon become your vision of an ideal life. For many wood lovers, Li fills this role as a person that many can resonate with.


When you first meet Li, you likely only know that he is the founder of the woodworking shop. But when you listen to his words, you can feel the affection he carries for wood and also feel his hope for life.

It’s wood that made me.

When discussing his previous life, Lis was very composed. He worked as a correspondent, where he was very impetuous and lacked a sense of security. Once he started working with wood, and started polishing it day after day, he felt a shift into a quieter and gentler way of being. Also, he found much more enjoyment in his life.

Few people do not love wood, because wood constructs the ideal life.

In Li’s heart, wood is warm, simple and can hold dreams. When we are almost overwhelmed by the reality of our day-to-day life, a simple item like wooden horse in front of the door can serve as a reminder of a happy childhood. It can bring with it a renewed sense of warmth and comfort. And this is how wood can touch and resonate with people.

No matter whether the wood transforms into a cabinet, a bookshelf or a rocking horse, its solid and steady quality is consistent. Li hopes that we can understand this quality in our life, reconcile with an impetuous state and find comfort in all that we do.

There’s a poetic beauty to be found in the wood

Experience the beauty of life in each wooden item. Once upon a time, Li found his focus was lacking, and he felt like he was a withdrawn and dull man. Today? Today he enjoys chatting about life with good friends over a good cup of tea at the tea table.

Li loves to spend time with his woodwork. He even uses them in his own home. He says, “When all the tracks of your life are beautiful in sight, your mood will be beautiful. What’s more, only when you feel the beauty in life can you radiate it around you.”

With an understanding of his works, I think that part of the poetry and beauty is that wood gives life.

Ritualistic sense of life

From a perceiver to a communicator, Li works to help more people recognize the beauty of the ritual that can be endowed by wood. This kind of ritual is about the day-to-day and the trivial affairs that you face each and every day.

“In fact, the way you live, is expressed in some small details and an uncompromising sense of ritual”

If you are lacking in focus in your own life, and you’re tired of muddling along, it’s simple. Invest in tea sets, make and enjoy cups of tea with your friends and family. Invest in a big bookcase to organize and display your books. Place a lamp next to your bed. Put your phone down before you get into bed. Simply listen to the sounds outside of your window.

Let the wood keep you company and then, you can enjoy the ritual of life.

“If you have time, just cook and enjoy a meal with someone you like.” Li is self-satisfied with his current lifestyle, which is something that many can appreciate and admire. He’s also gradually developed good habits in the company of wood.

Integrate the sense of ritual into your day-to-day life. It may start with something as simple as the book that you enjoy reading in bed, the beautiful chair in the corner of your living room, fresh sheets and those small life details we often overlook.

A Minimalist Life

Through the creation of a minimalist life, Li is slowly changing his relationship with wood.

Embrace minimalism and you will encounter the beauty.

At the very start, Li set up the woodworking shop as a collection of fine woodwork. He soon started his own brand and displayed his favorite woodwork in another way. Li said that his original intention was to make living pieces, so that everyone can appreciate the value that these pieces have in a minimalist life.

The definition of minimalism: not very eye-catching, just right in function.

According to Li’s, the minimalist life does not need excessive package, or require much by way of creativity or novelty. Those beautiful living pieces, first, should be quiet. Then, they should offer the right functionality. You don’t need to learn how to use them, just feel their wordless beauty.

Most of us tend to place the practicability of wood as the priority. When we aren’t using the pieces, they tend to just sit there in silence, like a piece of art. This is the value of wood that Li wants us all to see and feel.

Discard the redundant design and let the value return to the wood itself

In addition to the quiet beauty, there is still some room left to explore the minimalist life as outlined by Li. These minimalist designs may appear to have nothing special to offer, but they actually hide the potential to accommodate everything. Li returns to the piece itself, allowing everyone to deeply experience the sincerity of minimalist design.

Without deliberate embellishment and exaggerated functional transformation, he just let the woodwork remain natural. He allows each piece to serve our life quietly.

Woodwork offers an adaptive ability. The key to creating a minimalist life is weakening the style and characteristics of the pieces, and making them fit into every home on the premise of easy use and natural beauty.

After developing a great appreciation for the beauty of wood, are you impressed by the minimalist life outlined by Li? If you have found in him a mentor and potential confidant, be sure to like this post. If you have your own and unique insights into a better more miniamilistic life, share them in the comments section so others may learn from you.

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