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Baby’s First Christmas Gift & First Time Parent Gifts

Buying your baby’s first Christmas gift is one of the most precious and fun milestones of parenthood.  Your child is one of the best gifts you could ever ask for, so it’s only right that you shower them with new blankies, clothes, stuffed animals and nursery decorations.

Even though your baby might have everything that they need, it’s the holidays, and your little one deserves something special for their first Christmas. This is also a great time of the year to buy first time parents the newest baby gadgets and tools that will help them take extra care of themselves and their little bundle of joy.

For Nap Time

Nap time is one of your baby’s favorite past times and will play a major role in their life until they’re in elementary school.  Make your baby’s first Christmas gift a gift that they can snuggle with while catching their zzz’s.  All of these gifts are also helpful for first time parents who want their child to have a safe and comfortable nap.

baby's first Christmas gift


baby's first Christmas gift

Animal Travel Pillow Blanket Combo

baby's first Christmas gift

Cute Sleepy Hat

Baby’s First Christmas Gift For Play Time

There’s nothing cuter than watching your baby interact and play with toys.  This Christmas buy your baby toys that will interest them throughout the toddler years.  All of these toys are adorable, will help your child develop their motor skills and create cherished memories.

Baby's first Christmas gift

Animal Style Baby Panda Suit

baby's first Christmas gift

Solid Drum

baby's first Christmas gift

Crescent Moon Wood Baby Teether

Gifts For The Nursery

Decorating your baby’s nursery is such a fun and special moment. Make baby’s first Christmas gift a cute and thoughtful nursery decoration, and leave a part of you with them. Once your baby grows up, they can save and treasure all of their nursery gifts and later on pass them down to their own children. Click here for more fun and unique lights.

Baby's first Christmas gift

Swing Horse Wall Clock

baby's first Christmas gift

Baby Sleeping Bag

baby's first Christmas gift

Little Blue Pony Musical Water Globe

First Time Parent Gifts

While shopping for a baby’s first Christmas gift don’t forget about the parents, especially first time parents.  This is a whole different ball game for them and they’ll appreciate any fun and helpful baby tools and gadgets. Buy them gifts that will ease the road of parenting and ensure the safety of their child.

Baby's first Christmas gift

Handmade Watercolor Print Baby Gift Set

Baby's first Christmas gift

iBaby Care M7 Monitor

Baby's first Christmas gift

Organic Muslim Swaddle

Still haven’t found the perfect baby gift? Click here for more kids and baby gifts.

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