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10 Ways to Decorate Your Home for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Spruce up your home with an assortment of Thanksgiving decorations that will bring the holiday spirit to your space.

Black and White Pumpkin

If you love the modern touch of black and white, this ceramic pumpkin is perfect for you. It features either a black and white check pattern, or black polka dots against a white background. Sold individually or as a set of two, this pumpkin will liven up any table or mantel while showcasing your Thanksgiving spirit.

Preserved Flower Aromatherapy Candles

This scented candle sets the tone for Thanksgiving. It gives off a warm, inviting fragrance that warms your home and fills your heart with happiness. This candle is housed in a ribbed glass jar and adorned with beautiful preserved flowers. It creates an ambience that makes you feel at peace and happy.

Wood and Floral Centerpiece

We all want to bring some natural beauty to the Thanksgiving table, but with an abundance of dishes and work to do, it can be hard. Banish your worries with this hassle-free floral centerpiece, which is offered in two styles, and comes ready-to-go in a stump that fits perfectly on most tabletops. The faux white flowers and green foliage will delight guests of all ages.

Cute Cat Welcome Mat

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, this doormat is a must-have. It’s not only a welcome mat, but also a way to show your guests that you care about their well-being and will take care of their shoes before they can even set foot in your home. Offered in three sizes and eight styles, the durable plastic mat features a cute cat, fish bone, and welcome message.

Cotton Linen Dinner Napkins

The turkey and stuffing are cooked, and the table is set with all the silverware for a Thanksgiving feast. But let’s not forget about napkins! Whether you use it as a placemat or to help clean up the table, this cotton-linen napkin will add a pop of color to your feast. It’s available in six colors to suit every taste!

Fall Leaf String Lights

These string lights are the perfect way to set up the fall or Thanksgiving ambience for your next get-together. Featuring red maple leaves, these string lights are great for use anywhere in your home. Whether you want to highlight a mantel, accentuate a cedar chest, or create the mood at an outdoor harvest celebration, the string lights will do the trick.

Chrysanthemum Pillowcase

Fall is such a beautiful time of year, and we’ve got the perfect accessory to capture it: a chrysanthemum-shaped pillowcase. Stuff it with an insert we offer. Available in four colors, this unique pillow cover will allow you to let fall into your living room or bedroom without turning to a pumpkin.

Velvet Sofa Blanket

If you love the holiday flavors of pumpkins and cinnamon, this luxurious blanket will be a great addition to your decor. It’s made of a soft velvet material that’ll keep you warm on those chilly fall days and nights. The orange color is sure to add a Thanksgiving-themed touch to any living room or bedroom.

Unique Glass Vase

If you’re looking for a way to bring a bit of fall into your home, this mini vase is the perfect choice! Made of borosilicate glass and shaped like a pomegranate with seeds exposed, this transparent vase is both lightweight and display-ready. You can use it as an accent piece or to hold any small bouquet.

Crystal Apple

You’ve tried natural apples, but they’ve all been squished, smashed, or peeled. That’s why we’ve created this crystal apple with a golden leaf inset with colorful gems. Offered in six colors, the fruit is a versatile decoration for Thanksgiving or any other special occasion where you need to decorate.

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