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A Hotel in Outer Space

A hotel can be covered with 24K-gold-plated ceramic tiles, built on the cliff, or drifting at sea. However, no matter how wonderful these hotels are, they’re still built on the earth.

The hotel introduced today will be built in space! It’s called the Voyager Station. Construction of the space station will be handled by Orbital Assembly Corporation.

How to build it? First, launch a small space station. Then, assemble a ring structure around it. Finally, install space capsules, namely modules, on the ring, and equip the station with two channels for people to enter and exit the hotel.

The hotel can rotate like a Ferris wheel, which can generate 1/6 of the earth’s gravity. With an overall diameter of 656 ft (200 m) and an estimated mass of 2,418 tons, it can provide over 124,861 ft2 (11,600 m2) of habitable space.

Voyager will have 24 living modules, each 39 ft (12 m) in diameter and 66 ft (20 m) in length. The interior is a three-story structure with an area of ​​5,381 ft2 (500 m2). Half of the modules are hotel rooms. There’re 3 types of rooms: 1356ft2 (126m2) luxury suites, 667ft2 (62m2) luxury rooms, and 323ft2 (30m2) standard rooms.

The hotel has everything else, including a bar, gym, spa, cinema, and restaurant. With little gravity, you can jump higher, and even have an incredible slam dunk.

Best of all, you can stroll outside the hotel in space!

The hotel is built on a Sun-synchronous polar orbit, so it can be powered by solar energy without a break. Construction is expected to begin in 2026. The hotel is expected to officially open in 2027.

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