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Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Home Spa Day

A home spa day is a lovely Mother’s Day gift idea that shows your mom  how much you appreciate all her hard work. With this gift, you’re sending mom the message that she deserves to wine down, enjoy a bath and relax.

So this Mother’s Day treat your mom to a cozy at home spa day.  Not all mothers have time to go to an all day fancy spa, but every mom needs to make time to pamper herself. Here is a guide to a luxurious spa day perfect for your mom.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Relaxation

Start off with the basic essentials of a spa day, candles, oil diffusers and air purifiers. The crystal candle not only has a delicate scent, it will fill your mom with peace and good vibes. Plus each candle comes with a gorgeous crystal inside. Aromatherapy oil diffusers are the new candles. No need for hazardous flames, this multifunction essential oil diffuser is a cool mist humidifier, aromatherapy diffuser and night light all-in-one.  Of course we want wonderful scents in the air but don’t forget to purify the air for total relaxation. The rare Himalayan salt light radiates a warm glow while freshening the air you breathe. Just one of these Mother’s Day gift ideas will have her feeling revived.

Mother's Day gift idea

Crystal Candle

Mother's Day Gift Idea

300 ml Essential Oil Diffuser

Mother's Day Gift Idea

Raw Himalayan Grey Salt Light

Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Bath Bombs

A bath is the epitome of a spa day, use the candles or diffusers from above for total relaxation. Get your mother a bath bomb to take her bath to the next level with these calming bath bombs and salts. Does your mom love lavender? Give her the simply lavender bath bomb. She will indulge in aromatherapeutic fragrances, essential oils and dried lavender. For the star gazing mom get her the galaxy bath bomb. This purple glitter bath bomb will give her an out of this world experience. And don’t worry if she doesn’t want glitter on her body, it will dissolve in the water. Is your mom one with nature? These bath salts are inspired by hikes in the forest and nights by the campfire. If she loves woodsy aromas like oak, cedar wood and cypress and soothing essential oils, these bath salts are perfect for her.

Simply Lavender / Rose Bath Bomb

Galaxy Bath Bomb

Aromatic Bath Salts

Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Wine Down

After a long day at the home spa your mom is going to need a glass of wine, a cozy blanket and entertainment. The best part of a spa is free drinks. Give your mom these aerating wine glasses to release aromas and soften the flavors of her favorite wine. (Also buy her a bottle of wine, to become the favorite child.) One present you can never go wrong with is a cozy blanket, no matter the season everyone loves a good blanket to curl up in. This cotton pom pom throw blanket is meant for post spa day. Okay, so this last one may seem different but honestly it is so calming you will want to buy one for yourself. The scented therapy dough helps to relax.  The soft hues, calming smell and soft, pliable texture will help your mom re-calibrate.

Chevalier Wine Glass Collection

Mother's Day Gift idea

Pom Pom Throw Blanket

Therapy Dough

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