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Honest Reviews of Cute Night Lights at Apollo Box

Night lights are a common accessory found in many households, especially those with young children. These small, glowing devices offer a soft and comforting light source that helps soothe children and provide a sense of security during the nighttime hours.

In this blog, we will be sharing honest reviews from our customers about their experiences with various night lights. We believe that hearing from real people who have used these products in their own homes can provide valuable insight for those who are in the market for a new night light. Whether you’re looking for a night light that is easy to use, energy-efficient, or has a unique design, we hope that these reviews will help you make an informed decision about which night light is right for your family. So, let’s dive in and hear what our customers have to say about these essential household items.

Adorable Duck Butt Night Light

The duck butt lamp is the cutest item I own. It is great quality too. I charged it once and I’ve been using it for over 10 days. It has 2 light options yellow and white, and you can dim down or brighten up to your liking, which is what I do every night. I also use it as a phone stand when I’m watching YouTube while I eat so it’s also multifunctional. The quality is great and the aesthetic is adorable!” —Lynn

“This by far is the cutest little night light/phone holder! It is very convenient and has 2 different light settings to choose from too! You can dim the light or choose to put it on bright. I love that it stays charges well and also has a convenient USB cord charger with it. My daughter loves that she can sit it next to her bed and use it as a phone holder too! I would give this product a 5 star rating and recommend this to anyone that is looking for a night light/phone holder no matter what age range you are in! Love it!” —Heather

“Good quality product, fast delivery. Will definitely purchase more from this store.” —Shay-lee

“First I have to say it got here really fast! It arrived in Brazil in less than 2 weeks. This cute duck can work as a traditional lamp with the included power cord, but it can also be used as a nightlight as it has an internal battery that lets you take it anywhere, as well as a nice phone holder. I’m looking forward to taking it on my next camping trip. A toggle button on the bottom activates the duckling night light, which is very easy to use. Two types of light are available, one yellow and one white, as well as a 15-minute timer. You can also tap the cute duck’s but to turn it on and off. It came with some charging on which led me play around with it. Currently, I’m using it as a reading lamp. As it is super soft, in the evenings, I take it to bed, set the timer, and when the lights go out, reading time is over and it’s time to go to sleep. As a duck lover, I am obsessed with it.” –Lais

Pretty Tulip Table Lamp

“A very nice decor that has just the right lighting to give a calm and warming glow. A nice tough if you want some plant decor and lighting all in one.” —An

“The box had seen better days when it arrived, but the light was perfect and has such a beautiful glow to it. It came with an extra battery too.” —Jen

“Tulips are my absolute favorite flower, and I absolutely love this lamp, it’s so pretty.” —Alexis

“I LOVE this lamp, its beautiful . Very bright and the flower’s actually feel real!!! All my plant lovers , Definitely go buy this right noww !!!!!” —Brittney

“It’s so cute in person I’m in love with it!! It has the perfect amount of glow to it and honestly the texture of it is really similar to a real tulip. I’m tempted to get the pink version hehe” —Olivia

“So sweet and warm. I bought these flowers as my daughter’s birthday gift and she loves it.” —Sally

Colorful Crystal Ball Decoration

“These are even more stunning in person than online, it is like having a mini solar system in my room. The crystals are all unique and throw the most lovely colors around them when it is lit up, and I highly recommend this lamp. I was provided this free of charge in exchange for an honest review, which I am happy to do since this is such an excellent product.” —Arielle

“so pretty, especially at night ! definitely worth it!!” —Taylor

“I thought these were beautiful online, but it’s nothing compared to seeing them in real life! Every crystal has unique swirls running through them, which cast the loveliest colors out around them when the light is on! It looks like I have my own solar system in my room.” —Arielle

“My expectations for these illuminated crystals were exceeded in terms of quality and also the packaging in which they came. They add a colorful serenity to the room and I couldn’t be happier!” —h3

“I could not love this more! Even the gift box it comes in is beautiful. It really is stunning in person. Simple to setup and turn on 2 seconds out of the box. They are like little “galaxy orbs” and have stunning detail when lit.” —Jen

“Holy. Moly. I am truly in love with this product. It looks absolutely amazing on the table I have in my basement. The colors look incredible at night! 10/10 recommend for sure!” —Kelsey

Sequined Christmas Gnome

“I got these gnome lights for both of my daughters. They absolutely love the pretty light they give off. The pink is a beautiful Rose petal color. The sequin detail is so well done. My younger daughter says it gives of just the right about of light for a night light! We will definitely be ordering the Red too!” —Sara

“I fell in love with the Sequined Christmas Gnome as soon as I took it out of the box. The Gnomes come in three colours pink, red, and grey. I received the Pink one. It is the perfect shade of pink. I would love to get the other two colours as well. The colour combination of all three of the gnomes would be fabulous for my table. The beard part of the gnome is where it lights up. The hat does not light up. It takes three triple-A batteries which are not included. It is very well made. These Gnomes are a perfect addition to any Christmas display or the perfect amount of light for a night light. I received the Sequined Christmas Gnome free from Apollo Box in exchange for my honest review.” —Johanna

“These are very cute and are exactly like the photo! Light works well and has just the right amount of intensity. Love them!” —Merry

“This lovely little light up gnome has really added a nice touch to my Christmas decor this season! When he first arrived I felt that maybe the light might look better in his hat, but he’s really grown on me now and I leave him on all the time! This gnome was gifted to me by Apollo Box in exchange for an honest review! All thoughts are my own!” —Kilian

I absolutely love this as an added piece of Christmas decor. It lights up nicely with a warm glow and fits in perfectly with the rest of my decorations. Thinking about buying More colours of gnomes for next year!! Thank you so much for the free product to try 🙂 —Allix

Cute Cartoon Animal Lamp

“I was given this light in exchange for an honest review. Got mine in white and it’s unbelievably cute! The lovely little mouse is made of silicon, which makes it supersoft. The light is incredibly bright and I haven’t needed to recharge it yet. Although,I’ve used the charger for different gadgets and it worked great! Since there’s an option to turn the motion sensor, it’s been hanging in my bathroom door, and works out well for those midnight trips to the bathroom without having to turn on any lights . I’m going camping next weekend and intend to bring this adorable lamp with me!” —Guile

“I was given this light in exchange for an honest review. I was very surprised when I turned on this light. I didn’t expect it to have such a bright light. This lamp is super cute. It also has a motion detection feature which is triggered even by my cat walking by. I love it.” —Billie

“When I opened the package and saw the little light. First thought…So dang cute!! I tried it right away. Mine was charged and lasted for about 7hrs. Charge time for me was about 3hrs. It gives off a soft glow, while still lighting up the room. Love the auto-sense turn on. Turned on in the evening for those late night potty breaks. Not having to fumble to turn on the light, lol Super cute for kids, the mouse part is soft. But this adult kid is keeping it for herself. Also could use as a lamp for night walks, or camping.” —Renee

“I got the mouse nightlight in blue and it’s adorable! It has a motion sensor setting, or you can just turn it to regular “on” mode. The mouse is squishy too, kind of like a balloon but silicone. I love that the mouse is sitting in a little cocoon. Note: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.” —Madeline

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