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Top 3 Reasons Why You Need This Mesmerising Crystal Music Box

Ever wish you could swim in the deep sea, travel through the galaxies or spend a day on the moon? Well make your dreams come true and transport yourself to any of these wonderlands with the Crystal Music Box.

This Crystal Music Box is the perfect gift for someone who is moved by music and always gets lost in their daydreams. Anyone who owns this celestial-like music box will be captivated as soon as they turn it on.

This alluring music box is the gift for all you romantics, dreamers, wizards, space-lovers and music lovers.  Scroll down to see the 3 reasons why you need this mesmerizing Crystal Music Box.

Reason #1: The Crystal Music Box sets a Dreamy Mood with Its Enchanting Melody

Crystal Music Box

What’s a better way to drift off into sleep, relax or snuggle up closer to that special someone than with sweet background music? Each style of our Crystal Music Box plays the beautiful Canon in D Major as soon as you wind it up.  This delicate song sets the best type of mood for different scenarios.

As soon as the Crystal Music Box melody plays, all talking will lower down to hushed whispers and everyone in the room will feel all the feels . It’s a soothing song to play as you rock your little ones to sleep. It also lends a helping hand on dates and sets a romantic mood. Regardless of what type of vibe you’re going for, this Crystal Music Box will help you get there.

“This product is small but fierce……… it is very bright ……….so you see the stars on the ceiling and the music part is a lovely tune. I would recommend the Crystal Ball Music Box to anyone who is looking for a unique gift for themselves or for someone else. It would make a great gift for anyone.”

 Reason #2: It Gives a Private Light Show

Crystal Music Box

There’s only one thing that’s cooler than a light show and that’s a private light show! Spend a night in the stars, bask in the soft glow of the moon or surround yourself in the waters of mermaid filled seas as soon as you turn on the Crystal Music Box light show.

Each Crystal Music Box comes in a different design, The Moon, The Starry Night and The Bubble Sea.  As soon as you flip up the light switch, be prepared to be entranced and enthralled. Your mini light show can last anywhere from 8 -12 hours after only 2 – 3 hours of charging.

If you’re one who is a sucker for fireworks, laser shows or light decor, then you are going to fall in love with the Crystal Music Box light show.

“I LOVE, LOVE LOVE this little light. It sits on the pass thru of my kitchen – dining room. I turn it on every night. The ceiling light pattern is beautiful! I bought another for my bedroom. My grandchildren came over today and wanted the music box wound up. They love it, too!! I highly recommend these little magical lights!” – Apollo Box Customer

“I bought this for my daughter bc we saw the ad on Instagram. this little treasure really surprised me. It is MESERMIZING and so well made. Arrived beautifully gift wrapped in paper and a ribbon! Looked beautiful under the Christmas tree. Very pleased and I’m ordering another one!” – Apollo Box Customer

 Reason #3: It’s A Unique Gift You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

Crystal Music Box

Nothing beats a unique gift that no one has ever seen before. When you receive a one-of-a-kind gift, it makes you feel special and cared for. If you’re trying to feel that way or want to make someone else feel that way, then our Crystal Music Box is the gift you’ll want!

It’s exclusively sold at Apollo Box and a gift that you can’t find at any other store.  Everyone will ask where you got it from, so share the love and don’t keep this secret to yourself!

The Crystal Music Box is a unique gift that everyone from every type of background will appreciate. It’s a timeless keepsake that can be passed down through generations, and something everyone will appreciate.

“She absolutely loves it, she plays the music box every night and loves the reflection it puts off on her wall. Thanks for offering such a unique gift, it is perfect!!” – Apollo Box Customer

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