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15 Halloween Gifts for Everyone in 2020

Seeking a fun and spooky gift for your loved ones this Halloween? The most appropriate gifts should combine images of skulls, skeletons, vampires, etc. with something useful for the recipients. We’ve compiled a list of such gifts that are sure to delight.

Skull Planter

This planter is drop-dead stylish. Crafted with ceramic, this white Skull Planter is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Put your favorite plant (or handfuls of candy) into this whimsical planter so the skull will look like it has hair! This planter is the perfect gift for Halloween, the Day of the Dead, or a nature lover who has a thing for skulls.

Skeleton Hand Hair Clips

Does your hair need a stylish touch? Our Skeleton Hand Hair Clips are ready to lend a hand! The set includes two skeleton left hands with black detailing secured to alligator clips. Add the finishing touch to your spooky look this Halloween with this pair of hair clips. They’re also a simple way to get into the Halloween spirit without putting on a full costume, making it a great gift for Halloween enthusiasts.

iPhone Anti Case Protection

No need to sacrifice style for protection! Cover the corners of your iPhone with this set of four cracked metal skulls with Swarovski crystal eyes. These iPhone corner protectors will protect your iPhone from accidental drops, and elevate your iPhone to protect it from scratches when it’s placed on the table. They also make the ideal gift for iPhone owners at Halloween.

Zombie Brain Candle

Braaains! Open this little skull to light a brain with meandering gyri and sulci, and enjoy the yummy scent. Use the lid to snuff out the candle, and you’ll see the smoke coming out of the eye sockets! Whether you’re looking to hold a Halloween or zombie-themed party, or planning a gift for a neurosurgeon or zombie fan, this gray matter in a skull candle can make a unique gift idea.

Creepy Hand Pillow Case

Give your friends a fright, or add a unique touch to your macabre decor with our Creepy Hand Pillow Case. Made of soft and durable poly-cotton, this square black pillowcase features a hand seemingly pressing through from behind. To get the effect, fill the pillowcase with an insert. The throw pillow will add a playful Halloween spirit to your home.

Skull Leather Purse

Hit the town in glamorous skull style with all your cards, cash, and phone in a Skull Leather Purse. Handmade of genuine leather by skilled artisans, this skull-shaped bag features a cosmic design and colorful zipper, or a white color and pearl details. Be the dark queen of Halloween with the purse to finish off your costume. The bag is also fun for everyday wear. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves skulls or alternative fashion.

Metallic Skull Bluetooth Speaker

Are you a music fan? Do you want to share your cool songs with your friends in a unique way? Our Metallic Skull Bluetooth Speaker is shaped like a skull with a pair of oversized black sunglasses. Its maxillary central incisors serve as volume controls. Compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices, it can play your favorite tunes for up to 7 hours on a single charge. The speaker can be used on Halloween celebrations.

Skeleton Model 3D Puzzle

Put together this fun skeleton model with your kids. The kit includes all the bones you need to assemble a cute skeleton for display. The eyes are LED-lit for a spooky effect. You can bend the resin skeleton with flexible joints into various poses. A wonderful gift for kids and grown-ups alike, the skeleton model kit will help get your home ready for Halloween.

Poe’s Raven Skull

Ghastly grim and ancient Raven wandering from the Nightly shore… Inspired by The Raven, the best-known poem by Edgar Allan Poe, this mesmerizing decor showcases a raven perching on a cracked skull on a pile of books. It’ll add instant style to your home. This piece is a must-have for your Halloween décor, and the perfect gift for the Edgar Allen Poe fan in your life!

Dracula’s Cup Wine Glass

Feel like a classy vampire while sipping your red wine. The lower part of this vampire wine glass is covered with pewter vines. Swarovski crystal “blood” “drips” from the bowl “onto” the foot with red enamel “blood drops.” This Halloween drinkware is sure to turn heads when you take a sip. Gift the glass to your family and friends; they’ll be enchanted by its look!

Handmade Finger Soaps

Our Handmade Finger Soaps are exactly what they sound like: soaps shaped like a set of four creepy severed fingers. They’re so realistic that they even have fingerprints. This set is a great Halloween prop for your bathroom and one your guests are sure not to forget. It also makes a handy gag gift. Sure, who wouldn’t want to open a gift box to discover severed fingers in it?

Capital Vices Skull Lip Balm

Holding this skull-shaped lip balm, you can’t help but think about Hamlet’s address to Yorick’s skull. Be all my sins remember’d, the last line of his famous To be or not to be soliloquy, is embossed on the bottom of the skull. The lip balm contains natural ingredients like coconut oil, which ensure your lips are selfie-ready this Halloween. This lip balm makes a great gift for the skull lover or Shakespeare fanatic in your life.

Industrial Table Lamp “Max”

Who says you can’t combine spooky and sparkly? Decorate your home for Halloween with this spine-chilling lamp! It features a recycled Crystal Head Vodka bottle as the lampshade, suspended from a steel pipe, with a valve as the on/off and dimmer switch, on a wooden base. The halogen bulb within casts a soft warm glow. The lamp is the perfect gift for every gothic lover.

Black Skull Dice

This set of Black Skull Dice is perfect for celebrating Halloween or the Day of the Dead. The set includes five six-sided black resin dice with gold skulls for pips. The ghosts of the dead will give power to anyone who wields these dice! Perfect for playing your favorite dice games, these dice make a wonderful gift for any gamer geeks, dice collectors, and skull lovers.

Bone Chillers Ice Tray

Cold drinks ahoy! Keep your drink chilled with this bone-chilling ice tray. Just fill it with water or your favorite fruit juice, and put the tray in the freezer for some time. The black synthetic rubber tray will create four skulls and four crossbones, perfect for a Halloween party or a get-together with a pirate or nautical theme. This ice tray makes a great gift for the pirate lover in your life!

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