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Quick Balanced Meals to Prepare and Take On the Go

Time is one of the major roadblocks that prevents us from preparing well-balanced meals. So save yourself some time and pack nutritious, quick balanced meals to take to work or school with the Self-Blending Juicer Cup and the MB Bento Box.  Check out the video and see how these items can help you quickly prepare balanced meals!

Quick Balanced Meals:

#1: Green Tropical Spinach Smoothie

quick balanced meals


1 Banana, 1 cup of Spinach, 1 cup of Frozen Mango, ½ cup of Coconut Water


Remove the top of your Self-Blending Juicer cup.  Place the spinach, sliced banana, frozen mango and coconut water inside.  Press the start button and hold for 2 seconds.  One blending session lasts for a total of 30 seconds. Continue to blend the ingredients until it turns into a smooth consistency.  Make and enjoy this quick balanced meal on the bus or in between classes!

Total Smoothie Time: 3 minutes

 #2: Proportioned Carbs, Veggies, Fruits and Protein

quick balanced meals

Eating proper portions is one of the main changes you need to make to switch to a healthier lifestyle.  This MB bento box is the perfect tool to help you pack a quick balanced meal, because it helps you measure proper portioned meals and snacks for the day.

For lunch I packed a mixture of carbs, veggies and protein.  I measured ⅓ cup of brown rice, ½ cup of steamed broccoli, three chicken nuggets and a  ½ cup of a pinto bean and diced tomato mix.  I tend to get hungry in between meals so for a midday snack I packed a light fruit salad.

This bento box is well sealed so no sauces or liquid will drip and cause a mess.  It’s also microwave and dishwasher friendly!

quick balanced meals

Thanks for reading! Visit our site for more bento boxes and tools that can help you prepare quick balanced meals and help you on your road to health!

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