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8 Easy & Funny Halloween Costumes Under $50

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The countdown to Halloween is on and you have 6 weeks to put together a killer Halloween costume. Different factors come into play when creating a Halloween costume. Those factors are: cost, time, and theme.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-assemble costume that costs less than $50 and requires little time to plan, we got your back. We picked out 8 fun Halloween costume ideas for adults and kids that are under $50 and easy to put together.  Scroll down for our list of funny Halloween costume ideas and be inspired!


Halloween Costume #1: Viking Warrior Princess, $19.99

Halloween Costume

Raiding some ships and need proper headware? Be the Viking Warrior Princess you are this Halloween and wear this Viking beanie with braids. Like all the other Halloween costumes on this list, this Viking Warrior Princess is a fun and easy costume idea. Just pair this hat with brown boots, black leggings, a white-t and voila, you’re a viking!  What’s even better is you can wear this hat all year long.

Halloween Costume #2: Jawz Victim, $37.87

Halloween Costume

Shark attack! Because it’s made of soft acrylic yarn, this novelty Shark Attack is soft, warm and comfortable.  Carry around a mini surfboard or wear a Hawaiian shirt to complete the costume and hum the classic theme song all night long to get extra candy.


Halloween Costume #3: Unicorn, $29.98Halloween Costume

Transform yourself into an adorable and magical unicorn with our Unicorn Onesie. Made of ultra-soft polar fleece, this loose fitting onesie is also functional and has front pockets for your keys,cell phone and candy. Wear this cute and cuddly costume while passing out candy or at a Halloween party and be the star of the night.


Halloween Costume #4: Snow Cat, $25.95

Halloween Costume

Stand out from the pack of black cats with these one-of-a-kind animal ears. Dress up as an exotic cat or dog this Halloween and be a snow cat ears, red cheetah, or arctic wolf.  These ears are the perfect addition to your Cats Halloween costume and they’re a great cosplay accessory.


Halloween Costume #5: Young Tom Riddle, $10.05

Halloween Costume

This is the perfect costume for Slytherins. Channel the Dark Lord as you wave around this 8″ Tom Riddle wand and embrace your inner villain. This wand set includes a miniature snake in tribute to Nagini, and a book of photographic stickers which highlight the Dark Lord’s most memorable battles. The ultimate tools to create a shrine for the Dark Lord.


Halloween Costume #6. Baby Lion or Baby Panda, $24.95

Halloween Costume

Baby Lion Suit

Halloween Costumes

Baby Panda Suit


It’s time for Halloween kid costume ideas. Seeing little ones run around dressed up as pumpkins and Frappuccinos is the best part of Halloween!  This is the Halloween costume to dress your child in if you call them “cub” or “pet. And if you do, it’s ok, this is a judgement free place. <3  Made of polyester, these adorable costumes feel like PJs, so you can  happily trick or treat knowing that your child is warm and cozy.


Halloween Costume #7: Professional Sleeper, $48.98

Halloween Costume

This costume is hilarious and practical because: 1) It looks like a pilgrim-like bonnet, attached to a pillow and 2) It’s all you need to take a nap. While wearing this hat, you’ll for sure encounter wide-eyed stares, points and laughs from everyone you run into, so live it up. This hat is so hilarious, it’s even featured in Huffington Post’s Weird Christmas Gifts List, so you know it’s good.

Halloween Costume #8: Dapper Baby, $9.99

Halloween Costumes

If you don’t have a lot to spend on your baby’s costume this year, we got you covered. Turn your babe into a dapper gentleman with The Mustachifier.  This is one of the easiest costume ideas you’re gonna find and you can use it after Halloween.

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