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Influencer of the Quarter: Kim Delatorre


Kim Delatorre never dreamed that her blog, Shop With Me Mama, would turn into a small business.  She originally started blogging to have an outlet.  A way to keep in touch with the outside world and communicate with fellow mamas since she wasn’t in the position to go out and spend much time with friends and family.

“When I had my second child, we moved out into the middle of nowhere,” Kim recalled.

At the time Kim had two young kids and had moved to a small, rural town.  She didn’t even have access to a car because her husband needed to take it to work, and it was hard for her not to feel alone and excluded.

So she decided to blog and write about what she knew best, life as a mom. Months later people were writing back and to Kim’s surprise, she was reaching and making an impact to people like her.

“I remember thinking ‘ohmygosh people are reading my blog’,” Kim said. She was finally able to connect with those who she describes as “people like me”.

Shop With Me Mama

Today Kim now writes to hundreds of people, and writes for publications like The Huffington Post. If you go to her site you’ll find product reviews, gift guides, DIY tutorials, recipe, giveaways and more.

“I’m a mix bag,” Kim says, “ I write about everything.”

While she covers a broad spectrum of topics, all of Kim’s post are family oriented and any family member can connect and take something of value away from her blog.

“When I write about my kids, I write for moms. If it’s reviews and giveaways, it could be aunts, uncles, grandparents,” Kim says.

Yet out of all of her posts, Kim’s favorite topic to write about are her three children, Kaden, Presley and Kellen, who are the loves of her life and always give her great material.

Kim and Apollo Box

Our meeting with Kim happened through Facebook, and we’re so glad because we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect fan.

“I love them [Apollo Box products], they’re unique I LOVE that. That is my main thing,” says Kim, “So many sites have the same old gifts and products, but Apollo Box has some really cool things”.

Out of all of our products, Kim says that she’s currently eyeing our terrariums, animal planters and Moonlight Lamp.

“I love the animal planters, those would look super cute in a nursery or as baby shower gifts, and the Moonlight, that’s so cool for a kid’s room,” Kim says.


Blogging Advice for Moms

Aside from caring for her family and writing her posts, Kim loves to take the time and help any moms who are interested in blogging. If you’re a mom and are considering blogging, Kim says to pull the trigger and start writing.

“Go for it, it takes time and it takes dedication. It’s not easy to do, but once you get through it you can have so much fun with it. It’s so rewarding,” says Kim.

Click here to visit Kim’s blog, and check out some of her favorite Apoll Box products below!


Moon Light


Cute Animal Planter

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