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Origami-like 4-in-1 Measuring Spoon: Polygons

The Polygons spoon is an origami-like measuring spoon that folds into four different sizes depending on how it is picked up. The Polygons spoon is easy to clean, creates no waste, and is easy to store. It comes in tablespoon and teaspoon sizes.


Eco-friendly, origami-like design

Polygons spoons are durable and good for the environment. They are made of flexible TPR, meaning the hinges can be used up to 25 times a day over ten years and still remain strong. By using their 4-in-1 design, they eliminate the need for extra plastic and metal in traditional measuring spoons. The materials ensure that all ingredients fall off the spoon with little effort. They do not stain or stink after use.


Reinventing the Wheel

During his time in design school, one of the seniors advised Rahul Agarwal, “Do not tackle designs that have reached the final stage of their evolution, such as a spoon” From then on, Agarwal decided to devote his time to proving the old adage wrong, and created Polygons spoons after extensive trials and tests. Since then, it’s won numerous design awards and accolades.


How it works

Price and availability

Polygons spoons are available on Kickstarter for $12 and above plus shipping, per set. The product is set to ship in January 2017.

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