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2020 Gift Guide for Kids: Be the Best Adults Ever

The holidays are a kid’s favorite time of the year because of one thing, gifts. Be the best parent, grandparent, sister, brother, uncle, aunt or family friend and use our gift guide for kids to find a fun and creative gift.

From toys to treats, we have over 100 items for your kids to enjoy all throughout the year. Whether they like comics, DIY gifts, or outside toys, we have something for every interest. You’re sure to find something that will keep your kids smiling and having fun.

Gift Guide for Kids Who Like Technical Challenges

If your kid is always tinkering with tools or gears and likes challenges that put their mind to work, then we got you covered. You can find a range of different interactive and brain-stimulating gifts on our gift guide for kids.

Any of these gifts will give your kid a little challenge and strengthen their mental muscles.

Doodler Create 3D Pen

Wooden Science Kit

R2-D2 & R5-D4 Model Kit

Gift Guide for Kids Who Like Comics & Fantasy

No gift guide for kids would be complete if it didn’t have gifts for kids who have a wild imagination. Surprise your kids with gifts that are straight from their favorite books or movies.

Any kid who likes sci-fi or fantasy movies, books, or comics will be stoked when they unwrap these gifts.

DIY Book Shelf

Soldier Storm Trooper Model Kit

Dragon Ball Z Stars Crystal Balls

Gift Guide For Kids Who Love School

Some kids REALLY like school, so get them gifts that will make school and homework even more fun. All their playmates will want to take turns playing with and admiring these fun school gadgets.

Dinosaur Lunch Box

Unicorn Ball Pens

Jetpack Backpack

Gift Guides For Kids Who Like to Do It Themselves

Are your kids older than 3 and they still haven’t seemed to grow out of the “I want to do it by myself” phase? Our Gift Guide for Kids has some cool DIY gifts that will encourage your child’s independence.

All of these DIY gifts are fun projects and experiences that will make your kid want to turn off the tv, put down their phone/tablet, and start building.

UGEARS Grand Prix Car

DIY Provence Wooden Dollhouses

Reusable Giant Coloring Poster

Gift Guide For Kids Who Like Being Outside

Is your kid always itching to go outside and prefers their adventure outside? Then first off, know that you are blessed, and second off, give your outside rascal a gift they can play with under the sun!

We made sure to add the coolest and most unique toys in our outside category that kids of all ages can play with.

Elos Skateboard

Mushroom Bag

Summer Water Soaker Gun

product image for Summer Water Soaker Gun

Gift Guide for Kids Who Are Still Little Ones

Do babies still count as kids? We think so and we didn’t forget them while creating our Gift Guide for Kids list.

Buy your little ones cute and safe toys!

Wood Emoji (20 pcs) Set

Dinosaur A to Z Puzzle

Dinosaur Storage Stool

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