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Unique Gifts $100 and Up

These are the finest unique gifts Apollo Box has to offer. Every gift is of high quality and one-of-a-kind, so shop away right now!

Unique Gadgets

With all the tech gadgets available, it’s hard to know what’s worth buying. This year, skip the trending gadgets and buy a cool gadget that’s not offered in many stores. All of these tech gadgets are new to the market and will have everyone asking you where you shopped.

Music Rhythm Light

Retro CD Player

Magnetic Levitation Watch

Unique Home Decor

Staple home decor pieces make the best unique gifts. Whenever you’re unsure of what to buy a friend or family member, go with a modern or unique home decor item. Give one of these unique home decor pieces as a fun holiday gift.

Wall Vase

BiOrb 30 Aquarium

Round Sunburst Area Rug

Astronaut Storage Decor

Savvy Home Essentials

It’s a drag to spend your money on home essentials, but it’s the best when someone else gets them for you. If you’re shopping for someone who just moved out or likes to live on the practical side of life, then get them one of these handy home items. All of these home essentials are advanced and unique gifts.

Wooden Storage Box

Minimalist Square Side Table

Italian Solid Wood Bedside Table

Fun Outdoor Gear

Make your loved ones excited to be outside with these fun outdoor gifts! All of these outdoor unique gifts are one-of-a-kind and fun! There are options for people who prefer to lounge outside and people who live life on the edge.

Vintage Suitcase

Eggshell Ultralight Canopy – Nylon

Children’s Fun Bus Tent

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