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Unique Gifts Under $15

With all of our high-quality handmade products, sometimes it’s hard to find unique gifts that won’t break the bank. While all of our products are competitively priced, most cost quite a lot to manufacture, and vendors are forced to price them a bit above what is comfortable for casual shoppers. These items manage to sneak in at super-low prices while retaining that same level of quality and uniqueness as some of their pricier counterparts. Each is a worthy standalone gift despite the low price tags.

EcoCube: $12.99

These eco-friendly small planter boxes come with everything needed to grow seeds in a biodegradable alder wood cube. You can cover the whole cube in soil or in the ground when the trees need re-potting. The cubes have a two-year shelf life before breaking down to become a natural fertilizer.

unique gifts


PlantOchi: $14.99

Nurture them and watch them grow! These cute little succulents that grow inside of a small glass jar, these plants require only a few drops of water a month and a few hours of light per day. After 8-12 months, they’re ready to move on to a flower pot.

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Paper Pop Cards: $9.95

Carefully hand-crafted and laser cut, Paper Pop Cards are attractive and eye-catching greeting cards that are perfect as unique gifts for special occasions. The designer uses recycled paper to make unique and artistic 3D pop-up designs.

unique gifts

Paper Pop Card – Wedding

unique gifts

Paper Pop Card – Holiday

Kokeshi Bento: $14.99

Designed to look like traditional Kokeshi dolls, these Kokeshi Bento boxes are super cute! Two tiers keep food separate, with a bowl for soups or sauces.

Kokeshi Bento

Chopper Robot (One Piece): $15.99 $11.99 (on sale)

Shopping for a One Piece fan? They’ll love this Tony Tony Chopper Robot Kit. Choose from a Tank, Wing, Submarine, Drill or Crane or collect all 5 models to build the Robot Chopper.

unique gifts

One Piece Chopper Robot Model Kit

Skeleton Hand Hair Clips: $9.99

Does your hair need a stylish touch? These skeleton hair clips are ready to lend a hand.

unique gifts

Skeleton Hand Hair Clips

Spaceman USB LED Light: $8.39 $13.99 [On Sale]

This cute spaceman is a charming alternative to your desk lamp that attaches to any power source and adjusts to any angle. His visor flips up to reveal the bright LED light. A unique novelty gift for friends and family.

unique gifts

Spaceman USB LED Light

Bulbasaur Planter: $12.99

A simple but great 3D printed planter for your favorite succulents and small plants, these brightly colored Bulbasaur planters are perfect for Pokemon fans or fans of cute stuff! Simple 3D-printed designs are attractive but non-intrusive with your other decor. A great small accent piece for your home!

Bulbasaur Planter

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