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Unique Personalized Gifts for Your Favorite People

Finding holiday gifts for your loved ones can be overwhelming, and overwhelming is an understatement. There’s the chance that you’ll give them something they already have, or a gift they don’t really relate to. This year, skip over any gift mishaps and get your closest family member and friends unique personalized gifts.

Whether you’re looking for personalized jewelry to personalized mugs, this list has it all. We’ve scoured Apollo Box and found a personalized gift idea for every type of person.  Scroll down below to find all the unique personalized gifts you’ll need to be the best gift giver ever.

Unique Personalized Gift For The Writer

unique personalized gifts

Shopping for someone that has a quick wit and dozens of scribbled on journals tucked away in their closet? If you’re holiday shopping for someone who has a way with words and aspires to publish a book, write for a household name newspaper or grow their blog, then give them a gift that will take them back to their writers roots.

This Feather Dip Pen Gift Set will make them feel like Mark Twain, Dickens or Steinback. It includes a real goose feather quill and an apothecary ink jar. What takes this gift to the next level is its customized stamps.  Once your beloved writer finishes his or her first manuscript, they can finalize their work with a wax seal that has their initials, favorite number or sign.

Please order by December 9th, 2018.

Unique Personalized Gifts For the Family Matriarch

unique personalized gifts

Now we don’t know about you, but Mom’s and Grandma’s gifts are pretty high up on our gift shopping list. This year, give them unique personalized gifts that are thoughtful, timeless and beautiful.

Keep it in the family with this We Are Family Tree Necklace. This elegant and unique necklace features “apples” that are hand stamped with family (or fur-baby!)  initials. This necklace is a gift that your Mom or Grandma will treasure forever. It’s also the perfect gift that keeps loved ones nearby. Available in gold or silver, each necklace can have up to 6 initial plated discs.

Please order by December 9th, 2018.

Unique Personalized Gifts For the Moon and Stars Lover

Gift hunting for someone who can’t get enough of the stars and moon? Then surprise them with one of these dreamy unique personalized space gifts.

unique personalized gifts

Does your loved one fit the exact description of their horoscope sign and is always looking to the stars for direction? Then start their day off right with this gorgeous Personalized Constellation Coffee Mug.  The sparkly handle of this unique mug is filled with dazzling crystals and each handcrafted glass comes with a wooden lid and crystal topped spoon. Have their name or a special message engraved on it.

unique personalized gifts

Know someone who is enthralled with the nature and different phases of the moon? Then give them a gift that shows them the exact moon phase of a memorable date. Our Birth Moon Slide Necklace is handcrafted and features a realistic photo of different moon phases that match a specific date.  So give them a moon phase that matches their birthday, an anniversary, a child’s birth date, etc. Plus a portion of the proceeds from every galaxy line sale will go to the  Planetary Society to help fund space exploration and research. Find more customized moon phase bracelets, rings and earrings here.

unique personalized gifts

Does your loved one dream of going to outer space and walking on the moon? Or maybe they just like pretty things, or are a collector of one-of-a-kind, unique products. If they fit any of the descriptions above, transport them to space with this dreamy Personalized Moon LampThis photo realistic Moon Light Lamp is a mini replica of the bright orb in the night sky, and is the modern day lava lamp. Your loved one will have to resist spending hours daydreaming by this mesmerizing globe.  Find more dreamy personalized moon lights here.

Please order all the above gifts by December 9th, 2018.

Unique Personalized Gifts For the Harry Potter Fan

unique personalized gifts

Mystery, majesty and whimsy aplenty. This enchanting and handcrafted Personalized Harry Potter Music Box showcases a wooden box engraved with Harry Potter themes. Use the hand crank to play the enthralling score from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. It’s a memorable unique personalized gift for muggles and wizards! Find more pop culture themed music boxes here.

Please order by December 9th, 2018.

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