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Home-brewing Gadgets for Oktoberfest

In honor of Oktoberfest, we’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorite home-brewing gadgets that made a big splash on Kickstarter. Many of these products have already finished their campaigns and are starting to fulfill their pre-orders. We’re here to keep you updated on where and when you can get them. Start Oktoberfest right by brewing up a fresh batch of your favorite cider or beer using these great home-brewing gadgets!

iGulu Home Brewery

iGulu is a self-contained brewer that performs all the steps of brewing beer automatically. It enables users to create a wide range of professional quality craft beers with no effort or knowledge of brewing techniques. It is available on Indiegogo In-Demand. Read our review here: https://goo.gl/1WPNNI

home-brewing gadgets

Fizzics Waytap

Fizzics Waytap is a home-brewing gadget that uses sound-waves to give you the experience of draft beer in a small and easy form you can use at home. The Fizzics makes the beer creamier and foamier, and improves the taste of bottled beers all around. Fizzics Waytap’s Kickstarter campaign ends November 4th.

home-brewing gadgets

Pico Brew Craft Beer

Pico Brew is a fully automatic craft beer brewing appliance that allows you to brew mini-kegs of professional quality beer. It uses convenient PicoPak ingredient kits that can be customized to taste, sourced from craft brewers and breweries around the world. It is available for pre-order.

home-brewing gadgets

Catalyst Fermentation System

The Catalyst Fermentation System simplifies the fermentation process and makes it easier to make great beer at home. It makes separating sediment easy with a detachable jar at the bottom, that is easily replaced for second fermentation. The beer can then be siphoned out directly into the bottles with a handy bottling attachment.

home-brewing gadgets

Alchema Craft Cider

Alchema is an all-in-one cider brewer comprised of a pitcher and pot shell. The shell seals, sanitizes, and monitors the pitcher as the cider brews. The entire process is built in and can be monitored via smartphone app. Once the cider is brewed, Alchema also works as a pitcher to serve it to your family and friends. It is available for pre-order on Indiegogo.

home-brewing gadgets

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home-brewing gadgets

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home-brewing gadgets

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