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Wearable air guitar, AirJamz, makes your rock dreams come true

Did you ever dream of being a rock star? Have you ever played air guitar? AirJamz, the wearable air guitar, now makes your dreams come true. As simple as using a fitness tracker, just wear AirJamz on your wrist and pair it with an iOS or Android device, you are all set to rock.  Without learning, tuning, or any experience, each of your strums and movements in the air turns into real music. It is all about having fun and feeling musical!

How does the wearable air guitar work?

AirJamz wearable band has built-in motion sensors to track your movements and convert them into music with its App using the Bluetooth connection. The app will feature hundreds of guitar riffs, sounds, and tracks to play along. The wristband face module has a button for you to switch songs or riffs.

Wearable air guitar

How to use AirJams?

Wearable air guitar

  1. Slap an AirJamz on your wrist.
  2. Pair them with one of the companion apps, pick a song from the list.
  3. Turn up the volume of your device or a connected speaker. The louder, the better.
  4. Start strumming along the music, with spinning, jumping, head banging, or whatever movements you like. The stage is yours!
  5. For more fun, jam together with your friends and family. Create a rock band if you wish.

Wearable air guitar

Price and timeline

AirJamz is available for pre-order on Kickstarter. Although the early-bird rates are gone, you can get the wearable air guitar at $45 ($15 off its intended retail price), which is still a good deal. You can pick your favorite color for the wristband (red, black, white) and combine it with either the white or black face module. Shipping to backers starts from August 2016.

Wearable air guitar

To learn more or pre-order, click the button below.


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