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Gift Guide – Jurassic World Dominion

JWD is this summer’s blockbuster film that’s rocking ticket offices everywhere. People of all ages are obsessed with dinosaurs, even my 70-year-old grandpa can say a few lines from the movie. Here are 10 creative gifts for dinosaur lovers and Jurassic Park fans.

Dinosaur Ornament – PVC Tyrannosaurus Rex – Motorbike Riding

See those funny teeth? Our high-quality, durable PVC Tyrannosaurus Rex toy is sure to bring a smile to any child or adult who loves dinosaurs. This T-Rex figure on a motorbike is perfect for those who are obsessed with dinosaurs and motorcycles. Well, I wonder if this big guy has joined the Harley club.

Dinosaur Skeleton Necklace

Want to have some punk vibe? Wouldn’t it be cool to wear your favorite shirt with this Dinosaur Skeleton Necklace? Sometimes you just need a little something extra to make your outfit stand out. Show off your love of nature with this cool necklace featuring a dinosaur skeleton and draw some attention! 

Dinosaur Themed Ceramic Dinnerware

You’ve always wanted a nice plate with dinosaurs on it. Just kidding, that’s not true. But if you Do want a nice plate or a bowl with dinosaurs on it, you’re in luck! Our porcelain dinosaur dish set is perfect for households with children and dinosaur lovers of all ages! You’ll set the table for some roaring fun. Your kids will be so attracted that the picky eaters are going to clean their plates.  

Dinosaur Air Fresheners

These Dinosaur Air Fresheners are the perfect ways to add some fun to your room and car. Choose from the vent clip ones or the standing figurines. These air fresheners come in a set of 4 dinos available in assorted colors (Black, white, pink and blue). Enjoy your ride or a soothing stay at home with the amazing fragrance.

Dinosaur Sweatshirt

This dinosaur-inspired hoodie is perfect for a winter’s day stroll. You will stay warm and cozy with this hoodie while your hands are safely tucked away in the spacious pocket. The dino head-shaped hood gives it an extra fearsome look with the teeth on the opening. Made of high-quality materials, this sweatshirt will stay for many winters!

Dinosaur Ornament – Cement – For Car – 3 Styles

When it comes to Tyrannosaurus Rex, people think of ferocious, roaring, ancient beasts that once roamed the Earth. But have you ever seen any goofy ones? Check this out. The cute little guys are shaking their heads while guarding your road trips, how could you not love them?

Cartoon Dinosaur Inspired Lovers Shirt

What is the most frequently used piece in your wardrobe? I would vote for T-shirts! But what more can you do than just have plain black and white ones? Owning cartoon dinosaur patterned T-shirts! You are all restrained and formal meeting clients during the day, loosen a little after taking a hot bath and just throw something comfy and fun on.

Cute Dino Table Lamp

If you are looking for a table lamp for the new room that you are designing for your child, this Cute Dino Table Lamp is your perfect choice. With the fireproof PC top, it is safe and environmentally friendly, and the soft light provides the protection for eyes. Come on and choose your kid’s favorite dino lamp and it will make a great companion at night!

Cute Dinosaur Ceramic Mug

I always carry my own mug to a coffee shop not just to get myself the 10 cents off my beverage but also to show my personality and my taste. “To save the planet” isn’t just a slogan, it should be implemented in tiny little things in life. I do my part by taking my mug to have coffee. The adorable ceramic mug brings me more joy when I open the lid and have a sip.

Sparkling Dinosaur Brooch

Imagine a dinosaur riding a bicycle. Hilarious, right? Now our dinosaur brooch is bringing this in front of your eyes. This unique brooch is a perfect addition to any outfit this season. It will add a playful and cute touch to your look. The brooch is inset with gemstones that really stand out and make it sparkle.

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