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Unique Gifts for Kids

The summertime is packed with all kinds of celebrations for kids, like birthday parties and school graduation parties. You may find yourself worried about what to get as a present. This gift guide will help you find some fun and unique gifts for the kids in your life that are sure to be big hits!

Pillow Saxx 3.5’ Kids Bean Bag Chair

Who doesn’t love a Bean Bag Chair for lounging? You can never go wrong with such an item as it is the perfect way to enjoy so many activities like drawing, reading, watching TV, and playing games. This Bean Bag Chair comes in so many bright and fun colors, there is a color for everyone!

Kids Wooden Spoons

If you are looking for a truly unique gift, then look no further than the Kids Wooden Spoons. They are truly beautiful and make a wonderful gift for small children. There are nineteen styles available so you cannot go wrong. These gorgeous spoons are perfect for kids just learning to eat. These spoons will last a long while and are sure to be a keepsake for when the child gets older.

Kids Dino Socks

These fun Dino Socks are sure to be a huge hit with the dino-loving kid in your life. Available in six different colors and three size options, there is a pair of socks for even the pickiest of dressers. These are so fun and cute that your child will not want to take them off!

Kids Butterfly Hair Clips

The Kids Butterfly Clips are very cute and will bring a lot of joy to any little girl. There are nine varieties available, so you are sure to find a set that your child will love. Pick out the rest for her friends so they can all have matching hair clips. These make great party favors for a little girl’s birthday party!

Children’s Car Tableware Set

The Children’s Car Tableware Set is the best way to add some fun to meal time. Even your pickiest of eaters will be excited to sit down at the dinner table to eat their meal. The tableware set comes in four fun colors so there is something for everyone.

Kids Animal Helmet

Is there a kid in your life who is a daredevil and constantly pushing their boundaries? Helmets are so important in protecting kids but a lot of times, they don’t want to wear them. This Kid’s Animal Helmet will change all of that! This fun helmet comes in five different styles so there is one for everyone!

The Octonauts Popsicle Molds

Do you know a kid who loves popsicles? This is the gift for them then! They can make their own concoctions which will likely be much healthier than the store-bought popsicles too so this is a win-win! Even better, the Octonauts Popsicle Molds feature six different animal shapes which will keep the kids smiling and engaged.

Bamboo Kids Picnic Set

The Bamboo Kids Picnic Set comes in five different styles, featuring different animals. They are so fun and cute, any child would love using this dish set. These are perfect for everyday use at home or can be easily packed up for traveling. They are sure to become the favorite dishes and will be used over and over again.

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