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Women’s Summer Clothing

Summer is officially here! This is the perfect time to update your wardrobe for all of the fun you will be having. Whether you are looking for some dressy, casual, or activewear pieces, this guide has everything you need for an epic summer.

Fashionable Summer Sandals

These Fashionable Summer Sandals will be your new favorite summer shoes. They are so cute and will immediately make any outfit chic and summery. The lightweight and durable sandals are available in two lovely colors and are sure to be the perfect accent to all of your favorite summer outfits!

Dot Wrap Summer Dress

Summertime is filled with parties and get-togethers. The Dot Wrap Summer Dress is the perfect dress for all of these fun gatherings. This lovely dress is available in four colors and can be styled for just about every occasion. This dress is the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

Bohemian Wrap Mini Dress

The Bohemian Wrap Mini Dress is available in four cute colors and patterns. The cut is very flattering; you will want it in every style. This dress is the perfect everyday dress for a hot summer day. Wherever you wear it, you are sure to get lots of compliments. 

Stylish Denim Shorts

These Denim Shorts are a must have for the warmer months. They can easily be dressed up or dressed down, meaning you will be wearing them all summer long. These denim shorts have a matching belt and are available in three colors and three different sizes.

Handwoven Rattan Bag

Looking for a new bag for the summer months? The Handwoven Rattan Bag is just what you need! This bag is beautiful and will match any outfit in your wardrobe. The handwoven design immediately gives it a summer feel. The interior has ample space so you can carry all of your necessary items while enjoying a dinner out, a concert, or a backyard party. 

Charming Straw Hat

While enjoying a summer day out in the sun, it is very important to wear a hat to protect you and to compliment your style. The Charming Straw Hat checks all of the boxes. It comes in three fun styles and two sizes, Adult and Child, so you get one for the whole family before your next summer outing.

Tie Dyed Yoga Clothes

Are you looking to enjoy lots of activities this summer? Whether you are going to the gym, enjoying a walk or hike, or just having a lazy day around the house, these Tie Dyed Yoga Clothes are the perfect fit. This top and bottom set is available in five fun colors. Pick out your  favorite color or get them all to have a very active and stylish summer.

Chic Summer Sandals

The Chic Summer Sandals will be your favorite shoes this summer. Their simple and elegant design will look great with every outfit you wear. The neutral color also ensures that they will match everything in your wardrobe so you will want to wear them all summer. 

Rimless Sunglasses

Nothing says summer like a new pair of sunglasses. These Rimless Sunglasses are perfect for looking cute while also protecting your eyes from the sun’s brightness. They are available in seven colors so you can easily find a pair to match your style, or better yet, pick out a few to have on rotation.

One Piece Swimsuit with Ruffled Lapels

The hotter months will have you looking to cool off at the beach or pool. This One Piece Swimsuit with Ruffled Lapels is just what you need to stay cool while looking hot! The elegant design of this swimsuit can be easily worn out after a day of sun and surf. Just pair it with some jeans or a fun skirt, and you are ready for your next adventure. 

Citrus Wedge Earring

These unique and fun Citrus Wedge Earrings are a fun way to make any outfit more summery. They are subtle enough to match any outfit, but have a fun pop of color that is sure to get noticed. They will likely become your new favorite summer accessory.

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