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Gear Up for Swim Season 2022

Are you ready for pool season? Whether you’re a seasoned swimmer or new to the water, we’ve got everything you need to keep cool all summer long. Check out our curated selection of swim accessories and pool supplies below.

Waterproof Swimming Goggles

If you’ve never experienced the benefits of a pair of high-quality swim goggles, you’re missing out. These goggles provide UV protection, an anti-fog lens, and a panoramic view that’s sure to make your next swim more enjoyable. They also offer a comfortable fit, regardless of your face shape, and are leak-free. We have seven colorways for you to choose from!

Silicone Fox Swimming Cap

A swim cap is a must-have for anyone who wants their hair to stay dry and healthy while they’re in the pool. This comfortable swim cap is made of silicone and shaped like a cute fox. It has two sizes, one for children and the other for adults. It’s a fun way to add some character to your swim practice! The interior of this swim cap is slightly ridged and thus non-slip.

Family Swimming Pool

This inflatable pool is perfect for those who don’t have the space, time, or money to install a permanent pool. It’s 3 or 4 layers deep, complete with 10 balls of different colors, 5 sterilization tablets, and a wireless air pump. It not only makes for some great family fun, but also helps you cool off during the hot summer days. When playtime is over, this pool can be drained and deflated quickly. It folds up very small for easy storage.

Cutout One Piece Swimsuit

This sling swimsuit is made for those who want to look and feel great in the water. It features a layered design that resembles bright yellow flowers. The center of the flower at the waist is cut out, revealing your shapely figure. Made of cotton, this swimsuit is breathable and comfy on your skin. The padded underwire cups will keep you feeling supported all the time.

Flamingo Float

There are many ways to have fun in a pool. For those who want to slow down and enjoy the ride, we offer this flamingo-shaped float. The recessed seating area is perfect for staying comfortable while you relax and get some sun. This buoyant toy also has two handles on the neck for a better grip. This float comes in two sizes, so there’s one for everyone to enjoy!

Unicorn Beach Towel

We know how hard it is to find a beach towel that looks cute and is also functional. That’s why we designed this beach towel that’s made of soft, absorbent microfiber that dries you off fast and feels comfortable on your skin. On top of all that, this towel features a cute unicorn with flowers on its head, so you can bring some joy to your day poolside or at the beach.

Waterproof Storage Bag

This bag is the perfect solution for keeping all your poolside kit together. The water-resistant zipper ensures that none of your belongings will get wet, while the pockets allow you to separate wet and dry items. With a clear strip at the back so you can see inside and two colors to choose from, this bag has it all!

Unicorn Drink Floaties

Have you ever lounged in the pool and wished for a drink within arm’s reach? Now you can enjoy your drink in the pool with these inflatable drink holders. They’re shaped like a cute white unicorn with a golden horn as well as a rainbow-colored mane and tail, adding a splash of fun to any pool party. These unicorns are perfect for cans, cups, and bottles!

Crossed Back One-Piece Swimsuit

The perfect summer look is just a click away. This one-piece swimsuit features a classic design, padded cups, and a crossed back to ensure the most flattering fit. The nylon, spandex, and polyester fabric provides both comfort and durability. This swimsuit comes in two colors and three sizes.

Feathered Look One Piece Swimsuit

This black one-piece swimsuit is a must-have for your summer wardrobe. It’s flattering and trendy with the low-back design, padded cups, and wings on the straps. It also has a comfortable fit that comes in three sizes. Made of nylon, spandex, and polyester, this swimsuit is durable and long-lasting.

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