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Gifts For People Who Love Candles

There’s something about a candle that brings peace and tranquility to our life. The flickering flame, the smell, and the general feeling of warmth that it puts forth is unlike anything else. And if you know someone who loves candles as much as you do, why not get them a candle, a candle warmer, or a candle holder as a gift?

Candle Gift Set

This is more than a candle. This is a gift set that includes a candle, a wooden pad to set it on, and a wonderful handmade soap. Choose from three scents: Eucalyptus Garden, Midsummer Night, and Sweet Orange. No candle lover could say no to this well-packed gift set.

Flower Candle Warmer

This lovely Flower Candle Warmer features a look of the lily of the valley with a beautiful marble bottom, which makes it perfect for any décor style. Not only can it melt your favorite candle to release its scent, but also it will turn any room into a warm, inviting atmosphere with its elegant and feminine look.

Rose Hydrangea Candle

Give your home some touch of elegance with this beautifully designed candle. The Hydrangea Rose Ball Candle is made by hand, using natural soy wax and an all-natural fragrance. Choose from one of several vibrant scents to give your home the perfect vibe for the season.

Blue Sky Candle

The Blue Sky Candle is a creative reminder of the blue sky and how it can brighten up any space with its beauty. The surface of this candle features a cloud-like pattern that will create a serene ambiance in your home or office. This candle is perfect for decoration, but also makes an excellent gift idea for friends or family members who love candles.

Strawberry Inspired Scented Candles

We know what you’re thinking: these candles look exactly like strawberries. You might even be tempted to eat them. But don’t do it! These candles are designed to look like lovely strawberries, but they’re actually scented with a sweet, sugary strawberry fragrance that will have you dreaming of summer picnics and walks in the park.

Tall Glass Candle Holder

Our Tall Glass Candle Holders are perfect for modern decor. Place your favorite candles in these modern, transparent holders and collect a set of three to brighten up your space. Fill them with votives for the ideal accent piece for any room.

DIY Flower Petals Candle

If you’ve ever thought of making your own candle, we’ve got the perfect kit for you! This kit comes with everything you need to create a beautifully handcrafted candle, including a 3.5-ounce silicone wax mold, flower petals, wick, and wax.

Beautiful Angel Candle Holder

If your house is looking a little sad and you need a little pick-me-up, these Beautiful Angel Candle Holders are just what the doctor ordered. These Beautiful Angel Candle Holders cast a soft glow powered by batteries to remind you that no matter the time of day, your guardian angel is always watching over you.

Customized Moon Light Scented Candle

Bring the moon back to your home by illuminating any corner of your home with this Customized Moon Light Candle. This unique candle features a miniature of the moon and the light from the candle will give you a sense of calm while filling your home with an amazing scent. Choose from seven scents to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.

Unique Black Snake Scented Candle

Our Unique Black Snake Scented Candle will add some quirk and a little bit of spooky to your space. With an intriguing fragrance that smells of green apple, this candle is perfect for the office, bedroom, or bathroom. In addition to the captivating fragrance, this candle features the look of a lifelike snake and an apple, making it an awesome piece for display.

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