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10 Unique Crossbody Bags You Need To Own

Crossbody bags are more functional than a clutch and more fashionable than a tote. They’re a must-have for any woman who’s constantly on the go but always wants to look and feel fashionable. And while there’s nothing wrong with wearing a simple crossbody bag, carrying one that’s a little more unique is the way to go; especially if you’re a natural born trendsetter.

Here are 10 unique crossbody bags you need to own:

Ice Cream Sundae Shoulder Bag

unique crossbody bags

If ice cream is your go-to dessert, you’re going to love this crossbody bag. Shaped like an ice cream sundae, the pink stripes, blue ice cream, and embroidered toppings give this bag a unique look that’s just oh so much fun. Like ice cream, you’re never going to get tired of rocking this shoulder bag.

Whale Chain Shoulder Bag

unique crossbody bags

Be proud of your obsession with whales and wear this Whale Chain Shoulder Bag everywhere you go. This unique crossbody bag is small enough to wear every day but big enough to hold your phone and credit cards. You’ll really make a splash with this bag (pun-intended!).

Cactus Mini Crossbody Bag

unique crossbody bags

You don’t have to live in the desert to wear this Cactus Mini Crossbody Bag. Thank goodness, because this accessory is too cute to not be inclusive. With purple flowers attached to the cacti, you’re bound to receive compliments wearing this desert-inspired bag.

Unicorn Shoulder Bag

unique crossbody bags

Do you believe in unicorns? Well you will after walking around with this unicorn shoulder bag for a few days. Go ahead and bring yourself a little magic with this crossbody bag. Or gift it to the little girl in your life who still believes in fairytales!

Dino Mini Crossbody Bag

unique crossbody bags

The prehistoric times are far from over thanks to this unique crossbody bag. With plenty of room for your phone, favorite lipstick, and money, you’ll be able to show your appreciation to dinosaurs wherever you go.

Retro Chic Bow Handbag

unique crossbody bags

Make a statement with this Retro Chic Bow Handbag! The perfect way to bring a little glamour and fun into your life. Whether you’re walking the red carpet (one can dream, right?) or you have a hot date night planned, you’ll love the subtle yet bold statement this crossbody bag makes.

Velvet Star Flap Bag

unique crossbody bags

This cute, velvet, shimmery star bag isn’t just stylish, it’s also roomy enough to hold all of your essentials. If you only have room to take one bag on vacation, it should be this Velvet Star Flap Bag. It’s comfortable enough to carry around all day and simple enough to work with any outfit.

Piggy Purse

unique crossbody bags

Whether you’re a pig-lover or not, you’re going to love this Piggy Purse. This bag is incredibly unique and will put a smile on your face. Perfect for kids or adults who want to get back to their childish ways – this cute, cheerful bag is a must!

Tube Clutch Leather Bag

unique crossbody bags

Versatility is always a plus, and this Tube Clutch Leather Bag is the most versatile bag of them all. Wear it on your shoulder or take off the silver chain and use it as a clutch. Whichever you choose, you’re going to love how sophisticated and chic this unique crossbody bag looks on you.

Seashell Faux Leather Bagunique crossbody bags

Bring the beach to you with this Seashell Faux Leather Bag. This bag is elegant enough to wear during the day and night. The best part? The wraparound zipper keeps everything in your bag secure and safe. Which means you won’t have to worry about your phone or wallet flying out (no matter how crazy you move on the dance floor).

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