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Natural Arched House

HuntingTower is located on Huntingtower Road, a famous suburban area of Melbourne. It is surrounded by parks, schools, and other public facilities. Though Huntingtower is defined as a luxury apartment, the architectural style, interior decoration, and landscape created can present a sense of living in the house. There are only 10 apartments offered, and each covers an area of over 500 square meters.

Drawing inspiration from the ancient arched landmarks, Jolson Architects endowed HuntingTower with a sense of history, made arch style a key element in the house, and refined the interior space. The dialogue between volume, light, tone, and touch perfectly shapes the unique culture of the house.

Mat Wright, founder of Jolson Architects, said: “It is quite pleasant to watch the garden through the arch. We wanted to explore the ways light falls on curves, and how that can bring a softness to the architecture.” The arch element appears in every corner. There are three arches at the entrance, two double walls, and three arches on each floor.

A qualified house project must have a perfect mixture of architecture, interior, and landscape. How to achieve a simple but modern design? Myles Baldwin Design, landscape architects, offered a new answer, “Different sites have made different requirements for its garden. This is the core spirit of Myles Baldwin, which does not adhere to the prevailing aesthetic appreciation, but focuses on the opportunities for sustainable development brought by each piece of land.”

As for the interior, Jolson Architects seamlessly connects the interior and exterior to the landscape and environment and creates a delicate and long lasting experience of textures, materials, and natural light.

Enter from the arched house through the green garden and into the interior space, and you will see the simple white walls and fine furniture.

It’s only an apartment, but the design perfectly reflects the life of a mansion.

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