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3 Spring Home Decor Ideas With 2018’s New “It” Color

Spring Home Decor

It’s time to hop into the season with new spring home decor ideas! Home decor is the best expression for new seasons. Change the vibes of your house with spring 2018’s all new “it” color lilac. 

Thanks to millennial pink, pastel colors are the future and lilac is having a moment. Michael Kors created a whole lilac collection and the color is in every fashion show this year. Home decor is just like runway fashion, adding a lilac throw pillow or a vase will give your home the spring makeover it needs. The best way to show off your style in a home is adding accents throughout the house.

Here are three spring home decor ideas using the new “it” color:


Spring Home Decor Idea #1: Spring Up The Kitchen

Spring Home Decor

Kawa Simaya Ceramic Mug

Spring Home Decor

Flower Petal Plates

Kitchens are the heart of the home. Decorating a kitchen might seem unnecessary to some, but kitchen accessories are a must. Bring out the bright color with utensils such as a lilac spatula or a new mixer. These Kawa Simaya Sculpted Ceramic Mugs add a simple pop of lilac to your kitchen. Even if you don’t want to put them to use, they are too cute not to display on the kitchen table. Spring home decor is all about pairing products to match, careful not to over do it, but when done just right the result is flawless. Tip: Pair the mugs with flower petal plates for a pastel party.


Spring Home Decor Idea #2: Lilac The Living Room

Spring Home Decor

Faux Fur Pillow

Spring Home Decor

Octagon Area Rug

Sage is the new color of living room walls, out with the grey in with the cool tone green. Lilac is a great accent color to sage green. The light pastel adds brightness to the room in such a small way, it will draw big attention. There are endless possibilities with decorating a living room. You can add faux fur pillows for a touch of spring fun or a small area rug to really show off your love of purple. No need to paint your living room lilac, add a gorgeous amethyst candle to the coffee table. Just one of these living room decor pieces will swing you into spring but all together will showcase your spring style.


Spring Home Decor Idea #3: Create A Relaxing Space

Spring Home Decor

Pastel Skull Candle

Spring Home Decor

Crescent Moon Lantern

Everyone needs a place to relax. Of course your house is relaxing,  but take it one step further and create a place just for you. Fill your space with all your favorite things, music, a book, a scented candle and more. Record players are on trend, find one in a lilac color. Grab a cozy lilac blanket for the rainy spring days to curl up in. Treat your space to the lilac makeover of spring with a few staple pieces to keep you cool and calm all season long. A stylish pastel skull candle is unique and the lilac color makes it perfect for spring.  Add a glow effect by adding a crescent moon lantern for purple hues and a relaxed ambience.


Bonus Spring Home Decor Tip: Enjoy the Outdoors


Spring Home Decor


Don’t forget the outside of the house. Plant purple lilies or lilac in the garden for a beautiful view outside. But if you don’t have a green thumb, “plant” solar blossom flowers on the porch and let the sun work its magic. Sit back, relax and enjoy your spring home decor.


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