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JinGoo: A Beautiful Birdcage Lamp that Plays Music Wirelessly

Bird keeping has long been a tradition in Eastern culture. Visit a park in Beijing one morning and you will see many birds in birdcages, with elderly men enjoying their singing birds and happy friends. Inspired by this leisurely lifestyle, Sean Chen, CEO of DAQI CONCEPT developed the concept for the JinGoo Musical Birdcage Lamp, a combination of home art, ambient lighting,  and a wireless Bluetooth speaker.

“We wish for JinGoo to be your very own companion in life, to make spaces magical and to inspire endless imagination.” Sean Chen, DAQI CONCEPT

JinGoo Musical Birdcage Lamp Design Features

Awarded the Silver A’ Lighting Products and Projects Design Award in Lighting, the JinGoo merges elegant eastern aesthetics with innovative lighting and superb sound quality.

Birdcage Lamp

The wire birdcage exterior features a spacious vertical design with a usable hook top for hanging. The cages come in white and black and the open, airy design favors an unobstructed view of the beautiful ceramic bird light centerpiece.

Fired in traditional kilns by the ceramic masters in Yingge district, the decorative ceramic bird wraps its elegant wings around the LED light. The beautifully rendered bird comes in solid colors and patterns to suit traditional and contemporary décors.

Choices include: White Hwamei (pure white, resembling the “bird of luck” from Chinese folklore), Feathered China (a classic blue and white china pattern), The Lovebird (bright green with violet flowers), L’oiseau Blue (from the French fairy tale) and The Phoenix (a symbol of eternity in black and gold).

Distinctive wood grains accent the base of the audio lamp, with Chinese fir on the white birdcages and Taiwan acacia wood on the black cages.

Birdcage Lamp

How the Musical Birdcage Lamp Works

The JinGoo runs on powerful lithium batteries and energy saving LED bulbs for up to 15 hours of light and music.

Simple Three-way Light:

Use the side switch to set the lighting to low, medium or high. JinGoo creates warm, golden yellow ambient lighting with a high setting that is ideal for task lighting.

Wireless Audio Speaker:

  1. Turn on your Bluetooth
  2. Connect the JinGoo to your device. It works on Apple, Android, Windows and other devices that run Bluetooth 4.0.
  3. Play and listen to your favorite music on Spotify, Tunein Radio, Google Play Music and other music streaming apps.

Birdcage Lamp

JinGoo Birdcage Musical Lamp – a Portable Design

The versatile design of JinGoo musical lamp is all about mobility. Rest it beside your favorite chair and enjoy a musical interlude.   Perch it on a tabletop or beside your bed. Dining outdoors? Bring it along for ambient lighting and relaxing music. Use the large hook to carry it or hang it where it can have the most impact. JinGoo is the perfect portable companion.

Birdcage Lamp

Price and Timeline

DAQI CONCEPT plans to start mass production of the JinGoo Wireless Audio Light in July, 2016 and will be shipping orders as early as August, 2016. Backers have until the end of June, 2016 to help with funding and can take advantage of early bird specials of 20-30% off on the JinGoo Indiegogo campaign page. Pricing will range from $189 to $279. To learn more or to pre-order, click the button below. Stay updated about this and other products by subscribing to the Apollo Box Blog Newsletter below.


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